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Pika-Power Is The Way To Go

April 20, 2010

Nuclear power? Pathetic! Solar power? Are you trying to make me laugh? For true power that will satisfy your electrical needs, you need Pokémon themed batteries. May 25th will see the release of Pokémon batteries in Japan so all you Japanese gamers can grab some to go along with all the other Pokémon merchandise that exists in this world.

Source: Kotaku


First Official Pokémon Black/White Screens

April 15, 2010

Nintendo have now released the first official screenshots of Pokémon Black & White which is to be released in Japan sometime this year for the DS. No word on other regions yet though. You may recognise some of these screenshots as magazine scans but these are much better quality and look pretty good if I do say so myself.

Screenshots aftet the jump/below. Read the rest of this entry ?


Fan-Based Pokémon MMO Shut Down

April 4, 2010

You know what Nintendo really need to do? Make a Pokémon MMO. Seriously, if it was done right it would have so much potential and it could be amazing. There was a fan-based MMO based on the games titled Pokénet which has now unfortunately faced Nintendo’s wrath and is no more. I never even got a chance to try it out.

Pokénet wasn’t finished and was still in development but it could still be played in its beta stage. One of the programmers behind the project told Joystiq that over 7,000 players had logged time into the MMO where they could be Pokémon trainers and “could even catch, evolve, trade,”.

It seemed to all be going along well which makes it all the worse when Nintendo shut it down. It’s understandable but I still wish I had got to try it myself. Check out some gameplay footage after the jump. Read the rest of this entry ?


Nintendo 3DS Announced

March 23, 2010

When the DS was originally released it was seen as a revolutionary piece of gaming with the innovate dual screen and touch input method. Then the DS Lite came and refined the system by giving gamers access to even more features and changing the design to make it more comfortable to play. After that was the DSi that added a camera and online download functions. Arriving soon is the DSi XL which will give the DSi a larger screen.

Now, Nintendo have announced the 3DS.

As the name suggests, the big feature of the 3DS is in fact 3D images. Nintendo haven’t confirmed the method of displaying the 3D but they have confirmed that no glasses are required to utilize the new feature. It doesn’t look like we’ll hear much on the subject for a while though; Nintendo are saving the proper reveal for this years E3.

However, there is something slightly different about this DS. By the sounds of things; this isn’t simply another updated version of a great handheld but is in fact a new system completely. While this hasn’t been officially confirmed, Nintendo have stated it will be backwards compatible with previous DS software which, to me, suggests that it’s a new piece of kit altogether.

There is one more piece of information though which is a very vague release date. The 3DS will see release sometime during Nintendo’s next fiscal year which is from April 2010 to March 2011. I told you it was vague.

Like I said, it’s doubtful that more news will surface before E3 but if it does. I’ll be sure to get it posted.

Thanks to Kotaku for the image.


New Nintendo Hardware In The Works

March 14, 2010

Shigeru Miyamoto, of Nintendo, has mentioned that new hardware is currently being worked on. There have been no details on what it is though. Could it be the Wii HD? A DS successor? The resurrection of the Game Boy? Either way, it’s being kept under wraps for the time being so we’ll have to wait and see


DSi XL North American Price And Release Announced

February 24, 2010

DSi XL on the right

The fourth version of Nintendo’s hugely successful DS, the DSi XL has been given a price point and release date for North America. It will be released on March 28 for $189.99. With this updated edition comes a larger screen and an even bigger stylus.

Nintendo also announced that 100 Classic Books will be released on the DSi XL on June 15 for $19.99. Surprisingly, it will contain 100 classic books (Including Dracula) and it will be held like a book to use.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Coming May 23

February 24, 2010

Nintendo’s sequel to the critically acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy will be released in North America on May 23. No details on the other regions but don’t expect the dates to be too far apart; a worldwide release is likely. Either way, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is looking like it won’t dissapoint.