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PAL Demon’s Souls To Have Fan Made Strategy Guide

April 19, 2010

It was recently announced that Demon’s Souls was finally making its way to PAL territories and that it would be arriving in a fancy box, complete with the soundtrack, art book and strategy guide. Namco were keen to point out that these were not just the leftovers of the other releases and were in fact completely new. So new, in fact, that the strategy guide is completely different and has been written by fans rather than professional writers.

Not just any fans mind you; the guide has been written by Matthew Whisker and Wayne Gibson, who run the Demon’s Souls Wiki. Namco Bandai contacted them and requested they write the game because their Wiki is the best place for information on the game. They obviously accepted and the deal means they do it free of charge but people who buy the game get a free strategy guide.

This deal keeps all parties happy really. Namco are able to produce the guide for basically nothing, the Demon’s Souls community gets credit for their work and gamers get a free guide!

Source: Demon’s Souls Wiki


Namco To Publish Demon’s Souls In EU, Details Revealed Tomorrow

April 15, 2010

Demon’s Souls has received extremely positive reception by gamers and critics alike in the US and Japan. From Software, the developers, were surprised with how well it’s been doing commercially, as well as critically. However, it still hasn’t been released in Europe despite us European gamers really wanting it. Finally, EU gamers can rejoice as Namco Bandai will be publishing the game in Europe.

This is all good news so far but it gets better. Namco Bandai told VG247 that they “will be making a full announcement tomorrow.”. This means that we will probably find out the release date tomorrow as they can’t really show off new gameplay when the game is already out in other regions. Either way, I’m looking forward to finally getting to play it.


Noby Noby Boy Makes It To Jupiter

November 22, 2009

The very unique, very interesting and very weird PlayStation Network game, Noby Noby Boy has finally made it to Jupiter. If you decide to play Noby Noby Boy then you’ll have to update it to get access to Jupiter.


Ninja Theory’s new game to be published by Namco

August 19, 2009

Ninja Theory Logo.

Ninja Theory, the developers of Heavenly Sword, are working on a new game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 which is to be published by Namco Bandai. No details have been released other than the partnership but I am looking forward to seeing what Ninja Theory will do. I loved Heavenly Sword and was only let down by being really short.


Afro Samurai Demo

June 28, 2009

Afro Samurai

Yes I may be a little late to the party but at least I got here. Afro Samurai has been out for a while now but I’m still going to say what I think about the demo. In case you don’t know Afro Samurai was an anime which has no become a game. The anime and game has a strong cast with the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Ron Pearlman and Kelly Hu. However you only get to hear Samuel L Jackson in the demo who is brilliant in it.

The gameplay is in a similar fashion to the likes of Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry and God of War. It is basically all about combat from what I have gathered from the demo. The best thing about the combat isn’t the actual way it feels or acts but is in fact the way it looks. That leads me on to the best thing about Afro Samurai: the style. Everything you do in Afro Samurai looks really cool. Your sword moves are all fast and stylish, the focus mode makes things even cooler by letting you slice people in half and the ultra focus is even cooler than normal focus by letting you move incredibly fast and kick ass twice as hard. To add an extra layer of cool onto the game, the graphics are really stylised and look like they have been taken straight out an anime. They are similar to Okami. Of course to add on another layer of coolness is the legend himself: Samuel L Jackson. However even though Afro Samurai is incredibly cool, the actual gameplay is slightly disappointing. Playing as a samurai with an afro has to be fun, right? Well yes, it is but I don’t how long it will remain fun for. The demo is really short so you don’t really manage to get a detailed impression of the game. There weren’t very many combos or attacks in the demo which would get boring quickly but if there are more in the full game it would make up for it a little. It is also very easy. You can basically just button bash your way through the whole demo. It’s more fun if you try and use combos but since there aren’t very many you just end up button bashing anyway.

The music is inspired by RZA and is similar to his music. RZA did the music for the anime so the music feels in the right place. Unfortunately the demo doesn’t let you listen to much of the music so I don’t know whether the entire soundtrack is good but I liked what I heard.

Judging from the demo Afro Samurai is a fun action game that can make a nice alternative from the other games of the genre. It has great visuals which really add to the game and the sound is great in terms of both soundtrack and voice acting. Unfortunately the combat isn’t as good as it could be and even though it looks cool it is definitely lacking something. If I see it cheap I’ll pick it up.


Soul Calibur IV

June 28, 2009

I wanted a new game to play and I found Soul Calibur IV on for £12 so now I’ve snapped it up. I really like the other Soul Calibur games so I’m looking forward to playing this. I loved the character customization in Soul Calibur 3 and I really want to make some characters again. Solid Snake, Pirates and Samuel L Jackson are on top off my list. However I’m going to finish Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway first but I though I should order it now in case it goes up in price.


Noby Noby Boy Review

May 26, 2009

Noby Noby Boy

Developer: Namco Bandai
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Platform: PlayStation Network
Genre: Adventure (Not really but it’s the closest thing to it)
Players: 1
Release Date: 19th February 2009 (Worldwide)
Price: £3.19

Noby Noby Boy is an interesting game to say the least. It is made by the same people who made the Katamari games so you know that it’s going to be about something crazy. Yes, Noby Noby Boy is about something crazy; you control BOY who appears to be chewing gum. But what can chewing gum do? Well nothing really but BOY is different and can stretch and eat and fly and poop (kind of) amongst a few other things. It’s hard to describe Noby Noby Boy though because of how unique and different it is.

There is no main objective in Noby Noby Boy. After doing the tutorial, which is only a few minutes long, you will be able to do as you wish. You are just left in the randomly generated map to play about and have fun, without being told what to do. So what do you do? Well the first thing I done was moved about and tried to get to grips with the game. You control both the head and the (How do I put this) arse of BOY. You can move each one in any direction you choose, you can make one side of him tighten up so it doesn’t move, you can make them fly into the air and you can also eat items with the head and poop them out with the arse.  If you move one side (e.g. the head), the other side (the arse)  will follow when BOY has stretched out but if you make one side stick the spot, it will allow BOY to stretch and get longer. The same rules apply to going into the air; the side will follow unless it is stuck to the ground.

So that’s the basic mechanics of Noby Noby Boy. After I learned how to control BOY I was left to do what I wanted because, like I said before, there isn’t much of an objective. The only form of objective is to stretch and then upload your length. The one thing I like about this is that when someone uploads their BOY’s length, it will be added to the total length of GIRL. GIRL is basically a big, unplayable version of BOY. GIRL gets longer when people upload BOYS length. GIRL acts as a bridge between planets. Originally the only planet available was Earth but now the Moon is available and if enough players keep on uploading their score more planets will be added. Unfortunately though, there isn’t much of a difference between the Earth and the Moon. They are basically just different backgrounds with different looking items in the map. Stretching and uploading is the main part of Noby Noby Boy but if you just want to mess around and eat items/people then poop them out it can still be enjoyable.

The main appeal of Noby Noby Boy is the price which is an absolute bargain at £3.19. Noby Noby Boy will probably only keep you entertained for a few hours but it is still a great price. Even though it is a bargain, it won’t keep you busy for very long. Yes it may be extremely original and fun but after the first few hours the repetitiveness of the gameplay becomes more apparent.

After you have stretched BOY about for a bit, played a few of the randomly generated maps, played about with the inhabitants (If you are long enough, they will jump on you and go for a ride) and just generally messed around it gets a little boring. I need to point out though that some people won’t mind this and will happily continue to play it. If you enjoy being creative and finding new and wackier ways to stretch BOY then you’ll enjoy it a lot more.

One other feature I want to mention before finishing the review is the recording feature. You can record yourself as you play the game which I think is great little addition. You can choose the quality of the video and even set it for the YouTube settings.

Noby Noby Boy deserves credit for being original and unique. It doesn’t need to rely on other genres of gaming and it is a completely different experience from every other game out there. Its fun for the first few hours but the lack of a challenge (You can’t die), a progressive objective and repetitive gameplay bring it down slightly. It managed to get the score it got for being so unique and for being great value for money.

+ Incredibly original – unlike anything you have played before
+ A bargain at £3.19

– Gets repetitive after a while
– The gameplay isn’t anything special