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Demon’s Souls Given EU Release Date

April 16, 2010

As reported yesterday, Namco Bandai said that a full announcement regarding From Software’s old school RPG, Demon’s Souls, would come today. Namco have now announced that it will be released in PAL territories June 25th this year so there’s not too much of a wait.

Of course, your patience will not go unrewarded. There will be no “standard edition” of Demon’s Souls and instead only the “Black Phantom Edition” will see release in the EU but at a standard price. Not only will you get a copy of the game but you will also get an art book, the soundtrack and a strategy guide in a nice, little box. All of these will be new and not left overs of the US versions.

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Zeno Clash Making It’s Way to Xbox Live

October 1, 2009


The previously exclusive PC only game, Zeno Clash, will be making it’s way onto Xbox Live next year. The game will be titled Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition And will apparently be the better version of the two games. It will be released March 2010 along with quite a few other big hitters so it will be interesting to if it sells well or not.

This new edition will come with a range of new features, many that haven’t been announced yet. It will come with a co-operative mode in the Tower Challenges along with some tweaks based on user feedback. There is no price as of now but we should get a price soon.