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Rumour: BioShock MMO Being Developed

April 15, 2010

Destructoid received a tip from a “mysterious source” that 2K Games are currently developing a massively multiplayer online game based around the atmospheric, underwater FPS BioShock. The company has displayed interest in developing MMO’s in the past and BioShock was considered a candidate, though no official announcement has ever been given.

Out of all 2K’s games BioShock probably would fit the MMO requirements best but I’m still not sure if it would work. For me, BioShock was about the tense, overwhelming atmosphere that I doubt would exist if it was an MMO. Even then, would they make before or after the events of Rapture?

It’s worth mentioning that this is simply a rumour and it comes from a “mysterious source” so it might not be true. If you do really like the idea then it’s probably best to wait for an announcement before getting your hopes up.

Source: Destructoid


Bioshock Review

August 31, 2009

Bioshock Logo

Developer: 2K Boston/2K Australia, 2K Marin (PS3)
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: Xbox 360 (Version Played), PC, PlayStation 3
Genre: First Person Shooter
Players: 1
Release Date: 24th August 2007 (PAL) – X360, PC
17th August 2008 (PAL) – PS3

A lot of FPS’ tend to follow very similar formulas. Grey worlds, space marines, generic characters/story/weapons and very similar shooting mechanics. Not all FPS’ fall under this though and Bioshock definitely doesn’t. What makes Bioshock so different is the amazingly crafted world, the fantastic art style, the characters and plenty more. From start to finish Bioshock is nothing short of incredible.

Even when it comes to combat Bioshock manages to mix it up a little bit. As well as your vast array of weapons, plasmids also play an important part in combat. Plasmids are alterations to your genetic code which allow you pull off some crazy stuff. Each plasmid will allow doing different things such as shoot electricity, shoot fireballs, use telekinesis and more. Just like the weapons though, you can’t rely on them for the full game. The best thing to do is to mix and max with your plasmids and weapons. Experimenting will allow you to figure out the best ways to kill people and be very fun doing so. You can only have a certain amount of plasmids equipped at one time (Depends on how far you’ve upgraded) so you need to make sure you using the right ones for your current task. You also need to have sufficient EVE to use your plasmids but that’s not much of a problem as you will normally have enough.

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Borderlands box art revealed

August 12, 2009

Borderlands box art

This is the official box art for the upcoming Borderlands. It looks very impressive. Most games don’t include any in game footage on the front of their box but Borderlands does and it makes it very unique. Borderlands will be released on the 23rd of October in the UK for PS3, X360 and PC.


The Darkness Review

July 31, 2009

The Darkness

Developer: Starbreeze Studios
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (Version Played)
Genre: First Person Shooter
Players: 1 – 8
Release Date: 29th June 2007 (EU) – X360
20th July 2007 (EU) – PS3

If you haven’t played The Darkness then you may think that it is just another First Person Shooter but I assure you that you are wrong. In every aspect The Darkness is more than a typical FPS. The gameplay, story, music, character, narrative and world are all better than what you will normally see in FPS’s. Right from the start I knew it was going to be something special and I was right. I better point out that the story is a key focus in The Darkness and I assure you that there are no spoilers in this review.

The introduction to the game is excellent. When it starts Jackie Estacado (Your character) is in the back of the car with two other mobsters. You’re on your way to collect some money but things don’t work out all too well and on the way they the cops start chasing you. The other two mobsters are getting worked up by this while Jackie stays cool and calm while reloading a shotgun very slowly. When it’s finally loaded you start shooting cops from the car which really gives a good feel for the game and is a good way to open it. After a while though, the car crashes and you are left by yourself to get the money. The first thing I noticed about the movement was that it felt like it had weight to it, it feels like you are actually moving and not just a floating pair of arms (This is helped by being able to see your body when you look down. The game is really immersive and it feels like you are a person. It manages to be very cinematic as well which is quite a feat since most games are just cinematic or immersive, not both. Anyway, when you’re just about to get the money you are instead given an unpredictable 21st Birthday present from your Uncle Paulie. Shortly after this you receive your Darkness power.

The combat is a mixture between using the Darkness and guns. Both work really well but the Darkness doesn’t really come in handy until you get the later powers. You start off with only being able to use one demon arm which you can control and move. This allows you to stay hidden while using the arm to take out enemies which is very handy but it doesn’t work well in the midst of combat. The later powers, all work well (Though I never used the third one very much). The other demon arm is very useful for killing enemies as you can just stab them with it and then throw them away. You can also pick up cars! You are also able to summon Darklings which are basically your minions and throughout the game you unlock different kinds of them. Even though the Darklings can be useful you can’t really rely on them to do much.  Don’t think that you can just stick to only using the Darkness powers; you need to have enough Darkness energy to use the powers which you obtain from staying in the darkness. If you have you arms revealed in the light the power will drain. There is no metre to tell you your energy, or health, level which again adds to the immersion. Now onto the guns which are very solid and stylish. It feels like you are holding a gun, it’s something to do with how Jackie holds them in the game and how they feel when you shoot them. The aiming is generally just auto aim and it is fairly easy to lock and to enemies heads and blast them but it still feels solid. It still manages to be challenging too though and there were a few bits that can be really difficult, especially if you don’t make use of both the Darkness and your guns.

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The Darkness Sequel Announced

July 28, 2009

The Darkness logo

I was talking about a sequel to The Darkness yesterday with a mate and now it’s been confirmed. I absoultely loved The Darkness and a review will be up soon like I’ve already mentioned. Anyway The Darkness 2 has been hinted at for quite a while but now it has been announced. It is also announced that Starbreeze won’t be back to develop it but no word on who is. As long as they do the sequel right I’ll be happy.


Bioshock 2 Multi-Player Details

May 8, 2009

Bioshock 2 has been confirmed to have multi-player. Bioshock was considered to be incredible and to contain some amazingly clever ideas so it was always interesting to think about what they will do with multi-player. The first thing they done was give it away to another developer, who are Digital Extremes, the people behind Dark Sector and the PlayStation 3 version of Bioshock. I’m presuming that this is so 2K can focus on creating a single player to match the standards f the original.

The multi-player is set before the events of the first Bioshock where rapture wasn’t in such a bad state, to say the least. Each player plays as a Plasmid test subject and can use plasmids, tonics and weapons in the multi-player mode. Players can customise the weapons/plasmids/tonics they take into a multi-player match with them similar to Call of Duty 4. It also includes experience points which will allow more weapons/plasmids/tonics to be unlocked and used. The multi-player is also said to reveal a lot about Rapture’s past. There is supposed to be a big difference in the Rapture available in the multi-player and the Rapture from the first Bioshock.

So far the multi-player is sounding very promising and could have players hooked for months.