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Naughty Bear Gameplay Teaser Released

April 14, 2010

Artificial Mind and Movement’s upcoming game, Naughty Bear, has seen quite a few trailers showing off some of the ideas behind the game but none have given us any gameplay. However, the above trailer finally shows off the deadliest teddy bear ever to grace the earth in player control for about 10 seconds. Not much I know but the little that is shown does look good enough. Hopefully more footage will be released soon.


Gears of War 3 Round Up

April 14, 2010

You’ve probably already heard about Gears of War 3 being announced and I really should have posted about it earlier but some unfortunate events prevented me from doing so. Instead, I’ve decided to round up as much information on the game as possible all in one big post.

First of all we have the above trailer which was shown last night on the Jimmy Fallon show. The melancholy, acoustic music (Heron Blue by Sun Kil Moon if you’re interested) used in the trailer is a common trait with the series as both the previous installments have shown footage alongside emotional music. What do we actually see in the Ashes to Ashes trailer, though? Read the rest of this entry ?


Ubisoft Reveals Live Action Trailer For New Ghost Recon

March 26, 2010

Last year when Assassin’s Creed II was released, Ubisoft released a collection of short movies acting as a prequel to the game. All of the shorts were live action and were surprisingly good thanks to the interesting story and solid acting. After the popularity of those videos, Ubisoft have decided to do the same thing for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Once again, the live action short is very good. This is only a teaser of the full thing so hopefully it will remain just as good because I thought it was honestly amazing. I’ve always enjoyed the Ghost Recon games but never been a massive fan and wasn’t really interested in the newest title. However, if the game is as good as that I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on it.


Tekken Movie Trailer Revealed

January 15, 2010

A trailer for the Tekken movie has been released. There is no way I’m missing this one, not because it looks good though, in fact it’s quite the opposite. It looks laughable at best. However, the costume designs seem good from the trailer.


Mario’s Latest Rival…

January 6, 2010

Mario’s latest rival is none other than Jesus. Watch him him put Mario to shame in the hilarious flip-book animation above.


LBP Pirates of the Caribbean Details

December 15, 2009

The Pirates of the Caribben level pack for LittleBigPlanet was announced a while ago and some more details have emerged. It will be released on the 22nd of December and will be priced at £4.79 (€5.99, US $5.99, AUS $ 9.95, NZD $11.50). There are various packs that will be released but that is the price for the complete pack with everything.

This pack comes with the following:

  • New Gameplay features for Create: Water – Global Water Object, Scuba Gear, Bubble Machine, Water Switch
  • 5 Brand new Pirates of the Caribbean themed Levels
  • 1 New costume: The Cannibal: Leg Bands, Teeth, Nose Decoration, Hair, Loincloth, Skin
  • 4 new music tracks
  • A new level background
  • 8 Materials
  • 14 Decorations
  • 27 Objects
  • 133 Stickers
  • 11 brand new PlayStation Trophies
  • Read the rest of this entry ?


    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Trailer

    December 13, 2009

    Above, is the debut trailer of the latest addition to the Prince of Persia series, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. If you don’t already know, Ubisoft ditched 2008’s new take on the series and have went back to the Sands of Time trilogy. This is a little disappointing because the new one had a great ending that could have gone in a really good direction. Though, it does mean that the ending can’t be ruined now.

    The Forgotten Sands will be release in May next year.