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LittleBigPlanet Accidentally Announced?

April 17, 2010

Back in 2008, gamers were granted with one of the most fun and inventive games of the generation: LittleBigPlanet. Anyone who’s played it will know that it has so much charm to it and is just generally a really enjoyable game. Since it’s release, there has been loads of DLC for the game ranging from level packs to character skins and Media Molecule (The developers) have expressed that they wished to support the game by continuing to add content rather than make a sequel.

However, Christopher Leary (Better known as Ochre), Tweeted earlier on that he was “Pleased to announce the licensing of ‘Infotain Me’ to Sony for Little Big Planet 2 on PS3.”. Since then the Tweet has been deleted which suggests that there may be some truth behind it. Sony wouldn’t want a LittleBigPlanet sequel to be announced like this; this is the kind of thing for E3.

The game has been previously mentioned before. It came up in an interview about the upcoming PlayStation Move where it was mentioned as a game that would support the controls. Sony told us that it was simply a mistake though; this may not be the case.


Rumour: BioShock MMO Being Developed

April 15, 2010

Destructoid received a tip from a “mysterious source” that 2K Games are currently developing a massively multiplayer online game based around the atmospheric, underwater FPS BioShock. The company has displayed interest in developing MMO’s in the past and BioShock was considered a candidate, though no official announcement has ever been given.

Out of all 2K’s games BioShock probably would fit the MMO requirements best but I’m still not sure if it would work. For me, BioShock was about the tense, overwhelming atmosphere that I doubt would exist if it was an MMO. Even then, would they make before or after the events of Rapture?

It’s worth mentioning that this is simply a rumour and it comes from a “mysterious source” so it might not be true. If you do really like the idea then it’s probably best to wait for an announcement before getting your hopes up.

Source: Destructoid