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Brutal Legend Preview

October 12, 2009

Brutal Legend Logo

Brutal Legend was always going to be something special. The three main parts to the game is Tim Shafer, Jack Black and heavy metal. All of these have been rolled up into one and turned created a video game. Tim Schafer is a video game genius who was behind some classics like Grim Fandango and The Secret of Monkey Island. Jack Black can be hilarious in the right role and he definitely suits his role in this. Heavy metal has been used as an inspiration to for everything in the game from the level design to the weapons used.

In Brutal Legend you play as Eddie Riggs, the world’s greatest roadie. Eddie is voiced by Jack Black and looks very similar to him (And Tim Schafer too). Eddie thinks music isn’t as good as it used to be and that he should have been around in an earlier time. However shortly after this he is transported to a world that has been based completely around heavy metal. The people of the world have been enslaved by evil demons and Eddie has no idea of what is going on and just goes where his path takes him while kicking ass and rocking all the way there.

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Fable III announced

August 19, 2009

Fable 3 Artwork

Peter Molyneux has announced Fable III at the Microsoft GamesCom conference. Surprisingly though, there have been some details released. Peter Molyneux has said that he wants it to more than just a tweaked version of Fable II and he wants it to be different. He wants the players to “expect the unexpected”. Fable III will have you as the ruler of a kingdom.

You will start of as a child like the other two but you will be the son or daughter of an Albion hero. You will need to get support from people, obtain followers and become a hero yourself. You will try to defeat a king using your followers. You can choose how to obtain followers by telling them what you will or can do but you don’t need to fulfill these promises. This will obviously have consequences.

When you become a ruler you will have to make decisions and these decisions will not only affect you, but also you entire kingdom.

Fable 3 Artwork 2

Like the other Fable games there will be a lot of interaction within the world and people. The whole good and evil system will return and will have many other choices such as poverty, greed, tyranny, compassion, progress and tradition. Your family will also play a part in the game and you can make them happy by expanding your castle. This will result in using money from your people though and they may not be to happy with it.

There are some new gameplay mechanics in this too. An interesting one is being able to pardon your citizens or sentence them to a particular fate of your choosing. There will also be new ways to interact with people since most of the interactions aren’t really suitable for a ruler. You will be able to hug people and shake hands with people and similar things.

There is also a new feature called Dynamic Touch. Dynamic Touch will add a lot more interaction to the game and make it more than just pressing a button.

It all sounds very good so far and is scheduled for 2010 on the Xbox 360.


Aliens Vs Predator Preview

August 16, 2009


The Aliens Versus Predator comic was the very first time that two of films most iconic villains, the Aliens and the Predator, had appeared together in the same story. The comics were supposed to be good and, even though I haven’t read them, they deserve praise for sticking true to both the characters. The Aliens Vs Predator films, however, were a complete mess that was not true to both characters and was a bad film in every way. Fortunately though, the upcoming Aliens Vs Predator game is not using the films as source material and instead it’s using the comics as a rough guide for how to stick to the character but having a new story of its own.

This is not the first Aliens Vs Predator game though. There have been quite a few but none like Alien Vs Predator which was on the Atari Jaguar and developed by Rebellion. This game allowed you to play as the Colonial Marines (From Alien), the Aliens and the Predator. Each of them played completely different and the new game is going to be very similar to that.

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Halo 3: ODST Preview

August 9, 2009

Halo 3 ODST

A wise man once said something to me about this game which gave me a sudden sense of realisation. These are the exact words he said to me: “Have you saw the new ODST trailer… I mean Nathan Fillion: The Video Game trailer?” He is right though, the main reason I’m excited about ODST is because Nathan Fillion, of Firefly and Serenity fame, is in it. It’s more than just his voice too; the character he plays looks identical to him. Now surely this game can’t be bad with Nathan Fillion in it?

Now moving away from the Nathan Fillion fan boy talk, let’s get down to why ODST is looking pretty good. Well the Halo games have always had very solid shooting mechanics and ODST is looking to be no different. However there is going to be a few more elements into the mix which should make ODST an excellent game. Unlike the other Halo games this will have an open world so it will add more to the experience and probably even add more replay value. You don’t play as Master Chief in this game and instead you play as an ODST within the events of Halo 2. This means that you don’t have Master Chief’s super strength, quick reflexes or his Spartan armour. So you need to play a bit more tactical than previous Halo games as you can’t take as much damage now. This won’t be as tactical as Rainbow Six but it will still have strategic elements in it.

Another interesting feature contained in the main game is the flashback sequences. The flashbacks are triggered from certain events that you will be able to find straight from the start. You can view the flashbacks in any order but it just depends when you find them. Each flashback will add more to the story and allow you to play with different characters. That means we will be able to play as Nathan Fillion! These flashbacks sound interesting and could do quite a lot for story and character.

The new Firefight mode is shaping up to be very fun. It is similar to the Horde mode in Gears of War 2 where there are waves of incoming enemies that you must defeat. However in ODST there are no limits and it will only end when everyone dies. The enemies are randomly generated so you will be unaware of how strong the next group of enemies will be. You could be facing a group of Grunts and then after that be facing of group of Brutes with jetpacks and gravity hammers. As well as all that, skulls will randomly activate so they will increase the difficulty a substantial amount.

This sounds pretty good as it is but to make it even better ODST will support four player co-op through both the main game and Firefight. Halo 3 was great on four player co-op and it was much better with others than by yourself. Firefight should be great with others.


The multiplayer will be exactly the same as Halo 3’s which I can’t fault seeing as ODST was originally designed as an expansion rather than a full game. Halo 3’s multiplayer was awesome anyway and you can connect with players who are playing via a Halo 3 disc with an ODST disc and vice versa. I can still happily play the multiplayer in Halo 3 so I don’t mind not having a completely new multiplayer. You will receive new maps when purchasing ODST though so that will keep people who are after a change happy. You will be able to buy the maps from the marketplace too though.

Halo 3: ODST is shaping up very nicely and looks like it is going to be a great game. Halo fans will no doubt go straight for it and newcomers may want it for having the same multiplayer mode as Halo 3. It looks like it will make a nice change from Master Chief and should allow a better perspective on the Halo universe. Oh and did I mention that Nathan Fillion was in it?


Wet Preview

May 8, 2009


When the first trailer for Wet was released, I was very excited. It looked cool; it looked stylish and just generally badass. Playing as a hot woman who jumps about and does mad acrobatics while swinging a sword and firing guns, all in slow motion can’t be bad! Well it could, if it was done wrong but Wet had a huge amount of potential. As long as the developers made sure it has a lot of depth and it isn’t repetitive, it should be fine. Of course it could go down the road of Stranglehold and be short and repetitive but have some fun in there. I didn’t want this to happen as I thought the game had an opportunity to be great and it still does.

Wet has gone through many problems since release. It was originally going to be published by Sierra but it was dropped along with many of Sierras’ other games. I was annoyed when this happened but fortunately the game continued to be made but without a publisher. So Artificial mind and Movement (The developer) were left to make the game themselves which would obviously slow down production due to not having as much money as before. Nothing was heard of Wet for a long time but recently they released a new trailer. Unlike the first one though, this had gameplay and I couldn’t wait to see it. After seeing it I thought it looked brilliant and was exactly the way I wanted it to be. It was fast, it was cool, and it looked so much fun. It was over the top, crazy action similar to the likes of Kill Bill. This is obviously a good thing. The trailer showed off a bunch of acrobatics such as diving, swinging, wall running and more. The combat looked solid enough in it. The sword attacks looked pretty cool and the dual pistols, which are always cool, looked badass. The majority of the trailer was in bullet time and really showed off a lot of the games elements. To top off all of this, there was a great song in the trailer which really added to the feel of the trailer.

So far Wet was looking pretty awesome and one of the highlights of 2009. When a second gameplay trailer was released I was extremely excited, as you could imagine. This time there was something different though. First of all the music was nowhere near as good as the other trailers and lacked the over the top feel which was created in the previous trailer. As well as lacking a fitting song it showed off exactly the same moves. Now you may be thinking that seeing the awesome moves once more would be good, but it’s not. As soon as the trailer had finished and no new attacks or acrobatics were shown I realised that Wet may be straying down the same road as Stranglehold. It made me realise that the combat system is not deep and that the acrobatic moves are not that varied. The trailer did show off some interesting things though. When killing enemies a score was displayed above their heads. This could be an additional mode where you play for score, similar to The Club. I don’t know how well it would work though. Another new feature present was what appeared to be a red filter. This probably won’t add much to the gameplay but could probably add to the style, which Wet already seems to have loads of.

Wet did end up getting a new publisher though: Bethesda. Bethesda (Who made Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3) usually make top notch games so they will hopefully have some form of positive influence towards Wet. If Bethesda didn’t think that Wet was going to be good, I doubt they would have published it. When they announced that Bethesda was publishing it, they also announced that it would be coming in Autumn. From the looks of it, Bethesda seems to have got Wet back on track.

Like I said earlier, Wet has lots of potential. Currently, I’m not sure whether the game will reach it or not so I’ll be making sure to keep an eye on it. If A2M decide to refine the combat system and add more depth to it as well as make some awesome levels, then I can’t see how Wet can fail. There are still many months before it is released and I am confident that Wet will be worth one play through, at least. Hopefully it will be awesome though and match the potential it has.