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Pika-Power Is The Way To Go

April 20, 2010

Nuclear power? Pathetic! Solar power? Are you trying to make me laugh? For true power that will satisfy your electrical needs, you need Pokémon themed batteries. May 25th will see the release of Pokémon batteries in Japan so all you Japanese gamers can grab some to go along with all the other Pokémon merchandise that exists in this world.

Source: Kotaku


PAL Demon’s Souls To Have Fan Made Strategy Guide

April 19, 2010

It was recently announced that Demon’s Souls was finally making its way to PAL territories and that it would be arriving in a fancy box, complete with the soundtrack, art book and strategy guide. Namco were keen to point out that these were not just the leftovers of the other releases and were in fact completely new. So new, in fact, that the strategy guide is completely different and has been written by fans rather than professional writers.

Not just any fans mind you; the guide has been written by Matthew Whisker and Wayne Gibson, who run the Demon’s Souls Wiki. Namco Bandai contacted them and requested they write the game because their Wiki is the best place for information on the game. They obviously accepted and the deal means they do it free of charge but people who buy the game get a free strategy guide.

This deal keeps all parties happy really. Namco are able to produce the guide for basically nothing, the Demon’s Souls community gets credit for their work and gamers get a free guide!

Source: Demon’s Souls Wiki


David Jaffe: Game Sharing “is utter horse shit”

April 18, 2010

David Jaffe (God of War, Twisted Metal) is not known to keep his opinions to himself very often. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the man and think he should express what he thinks just like everyone else does, regardless of any criticism he gets. Yesterday, on Twitter, he gave his opinion regarding “game sharing”.

“@zKAPOWz No, but I think game sharing on PSN is utter horse shit. Why is it ok to buy a game and give it to 2-5 peeps 4 free? Insane!”

For those who don’t know, it’s when one PSN account downloads a game and then give the details to others to download onto their PS3. There’s a limit of only 3 systems though (Thanks – SJ) though. He has a fair point really, especially since he developed Calling All Cars on PSN. I don’t actually know if this is a big issue; it’s not something that’s heard of a lot but he still makes a fair point.


LittleBigPlanet Accidentally Announced?

April 17, 2010

Back in 2008, gamers were granted with one of the most fun and inventive games of the generation: LittleBigPlanet. Anyone who’s played it will know that it has so much charm to it and is just generally a really enjoyable game. Since it’s release, there has been loads of DLC for the game ranging from level packs to character skins and Media Molecule (The developers) have expressed that they wished to support the game by continuing to add content rather than make a sequel.

However, Christopher Leary (Better known as Ochre), Tweeted earlier on that he was “Pleased to announce the licensing of ‘Infotain Me’ to Sony for Little Big Planet 2 on PS3.”. Since then the Tweet has been deleted which suggests that there may be some truth behind it. Sony wouldn’t want a LittleBigPlanet sequel to be announced like this; this is the kind of thing for E3.

The game has been previously mentioned before. It came up in an interview about the upcoming PlayStation Move where it was mentioned as a game that would support the controls. Sony told us that it was simply a mistake though; this may not be the case.


Demon’s Souls Given EU Release Date

April 16, 2010

As reported yesterday, Namco Bandai said that a full announcement regarding From Software’s old school RPG, Demon’s Souls, would come today. Namco have now announced that it will be released in PAL territories June 25th this year so there’s not too much of a wait.

Of course, your patience will not go unrewarded. There will be no “standard edition” of Demon’s Souls and instead only the “Black Phantom Edition” will see release in the EU but at a standard price. Not only will you get a copy of the game but you will also get an art book, the soundtrack and a strategy guide in a nice, little box. All of these will be new and not left overs of the US versions.

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March NPD Figures In

April 16, 2010

March seen the release of some fantastic games. Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III, New Pokémon games and more which gave gamers plenty of choice regarding what to spend their hard earned cash on. Last month’s NPD figures shows that God of War III was the most popular choice.

However, that’s only for the one individual platform. When you combine the sales of Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 and X360 it comes out ahead, as with Bad Company 2. Then if you count Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver as one game they should take the top spot. Take a look at the data:

1. God of War III (PS3) – 1,100,000
2. Pokémon SoulSilver (DS) – 1,020,000
3. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) – 828,200
4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360) – 825,500
5. Pokémon HeartGold (DS) – 761,200
6. Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) – 493,900
7. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii) – 457,400
8. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3) – 451,200
9. Wii Fit Plus (Wii) – 429,600
10. MLB 10: The Show (PS3) – 349,200

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Peace Walker Gets Edited In Japan

April 16, 2010

Fans of Metal Gear Solid will know that the upcoming PSP game, Peace Walker, is nearly out and will no doubt be getting excited as it’s looking pretty good. Any Japanese gamers out there may want to import a copy if they speak English because the Eastern version will be going through some edits before release.

In Japan, Peace Walker was given a C-rating which means it is only suitable for gamers 15 years old or above. Hideo Kojima tweeted that a few cuts here and there were required in order get it this rating, rather than the D rating it was originally intended for (17 years old and above). One of these cuts include taking out the blood in the game. Read the rest of this entry ?