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Interview: Kellee Santiago Of thatgamecompany

January 5, 2010

Kellee Santiago of thatgamecompany generously answered some questions for In Creation Games in this exclusive interview. thatgamecompany developed both flOw and Flower which are avaiable on the PlayStation Store and try to offer a different experience than most games. Read my Flower review here.

Care to explain the story behind thatgamecompany for people who don’t already know?

thatgamecompany was started by Jenova Chen and myself in the spring of 2006. We met each other as graduate students in the University of Southern California Interactive Media Division. We had worked together on some other projects, but it was “Cloud” that got us really excited about possibly creating a business together. “Cloud” was a student project created with a grant from Electronic Arts, so we decided to go pitch it to them, really as just an exercise. But the game started gaining an unprecedented level of traction for a student downloadable game. In just four months we had around 400,000 downloads, and it wasn’t stopping. Because we had made this “practice” pitch for EA, we just started doing it as a real pitch, which is what led us to Sony Santa Monica. After our pitch, Sony started talking with us about doing multiple games for the PlayStation Network, and creating somewhat experimental content for this new distribution method. Read the rest of this entry ?