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Resident Evil 5 BSAA Emblem guide

April 1, 2009

This guide is to help people find all the BSAA emblems in Resident Evil 5.

Note: I recommended always taking a rifle with you to get all the emblems. It can make it a lot easier to find and hit the emblems.

Note: If you are just playing through the levels for the emblems and want to quit the level after getting them all it will be all right. You won’t loose the emblem though I have only tried quiting and saving my new equipment so be cautious if you want to try the other option.

Chapter 1-1:


Chapter 1-2: Public Assembly

Emblem 1: Go inside the building which has the balcony. Go up the stairs and onto the balcony. Look towards your right and you will see a building across from you which has the emblem on it.

Emblem 2: Go into the building with the people who die when you walk round the corner and has black goo on the stairs. When you climb up ladder follow the path and turn around to face to door. Then look up and the emblem will be on the water cooler.

Emblem 3: When you are close to the end of the level and near the suitcase of Handgun ammo turn around and look into the fence. There should be a hole to shoot through and get the emblem.

Chapter 2-1: Storage Facility

Emblem 4: When you start look up on the far away wall and the emblem should be on the right hand side.

Emblem 5: Just before you enter the sewers after crossing the bridge turn around to face the bridge. The emblem is on the middle bridge support.

Emblem 6: When you arrive at the docks you should walk past a green hut. The emblem is under the hut’s roof and can be tricky to see so look carefully

Emblem 7:When Kirk arrives to provide backup in the helicopter climb up the ladder. From here look across the street into the opposite buildings window where there will be a majini and an emblem behind him.

Emblem 8:When you need to throw Sheva across to the other building, stop and turn around. If you then look back you will see the emblem.

Chapter 2-2: The Train Station

Emblem 9: Climb up the ladder onto the trains and then look at the pylon to your left where the emblem will be.

Emblem 10: When going through the caves you will come across a bridge. When you get to the bridge turn to your right and you will see the emblem.

Emblem 11: This one can be difficult. In the mining area after you come out of the cave you will need to look into the background where there is a factory. If you go to the bottom of the long ladder you should be able to see the emblem on the factory from there, you might need to move about a little though.

Chapter 3-1: Marshlands

Emblem 12: In the distance, to the North West, there is a wired pole with the emblem on it. You can either try and shoot it with the rifle or if you are playing on co-op, you can drive up to the pole and then shoot it.

Emblem 13: Go to the northwest corner of the map and the emblem will be under the roof of the hut.

Emblem 14: If you go the island in the centre and look under the hut you will see the emblem. You might need to move about a bit. If you are playing on co-op you can drive behind the hut and shoot it from there.

Emblem 15: After collecting all the slates and opening the door drop down into the marshes and turn around. The emblem is under the walkway.

Chapter 3-2: Execution Ground

Emblem 16:When you arrive at the Tricell tents go through them and look between the two to find the emblem.

Emblem 17: When you are at the harbour and the time runs out, turn around and go into the cabin. The emblem is inside of the cabin.

Chapter 3-3: Oil Field

Emblem 18: The emblem is under the first gate (not including the arch). If you miss the emblem you can shoot it when the boat stops.

Chapter 4-1: Caves

Emblem 19: When you climb the first ladder look down and to your right. The emblem will be down there.

Emblem 20: After the fire boulder part when you enter the new area use your rifle to look just below the giant lens. If you don’t have a rifle (but you should) you can wait until you fall down and there is a way to get it but I recommended having a rifle.

Emblem 21: When you need to pull the chain on the Green statue look above it to find the emblem.

Chapter 4-2: Worship Area

Emblem 22: On the last floor of the light and mirror puzzle the emblem will be in the northern room. When you go in turn around and look above the door way.

Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden

Emblem 23: When you start the level follow the path to you right. When you reach the end of the path you can shoot the emblem under the walkway.

Chapter 5-2: Experimental Facility

Emblem 24: After going to the end of the second conveyor belt (The one with the explosive canisters) climb up and go down the stairs. When you go down there will be two bins (big ones), one with a lid and one without. The emblem is in the bin with no lid.

Chapter 5-2: Uroboros Research Facility

Emblem 25: When leaving the area you start off in, check behind the large fans (The one on the right) beside the ladder to spot the emblem.

Emblem 26: When the rotating platform stops for the first time, the emblem is at the feet of the majini who is stopping the platform. It can be difficult to hit from your current position so if you wait until the platform stops for the second time you can look down and hit the emblem much easier.

Emblem 27: Before you call down the elevator and send somebody up, go from the back of the elevator and look down to find the emblem.

Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck

Emblem 28: This one is very difficult to get and is impossibe without using a rifle. The emblem is located on the mast to the south (opposite of where you start). It may be best to go up to a higher area to get this emblem such as the crane.

Emblem 29: The emblem can be found when Sheva is trapped in the cage and the enemies are coming out of both containers. The emblem is in the nothern container and you will need to throw or shoot a greande into it to hit the emblem. You could also shoot a majini with an explosive to blow up the emblem.

Emblem 30: When you go into the roomwith Excella and the flowers there will be two spot lights aiming at the flowers. The emblem is beside the spotlight on the left.

This guide can only be reused for personal use and cannot be recreated or used on another website without my permission.