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I Return…

July 6, 2010

So, you may have noticed that the blog suddenly stopped getting updated without any notice or warning. Well, I’ve finally made my way back and I bring good and bad news. Firstly, however, I’ll explain why nothing has been posted for over 2 months. There were actually two main reasons with the first being exams. I imagine most people will have went through the horror of exams and will know that they require a lot of time and effort to do as well as possible so I shouldn’t need to explain that one. The other reason was simply a lack of motivation. I was finding it very hard to log in and start posting content to the blog which is why, even after the exams, I still took a good month before posting this.

During the period where I never posted, I decided that I wanted to continue the blog but without posting news and sticking to reviews/previews/features and so on but I never came around to that because I simply couldn’t be bothered. It’s bad, I know but I’m here now. The good news is that I do plan to write a little. The bad news, however, is that I still have a lack of motivation so reviews and features will be even less frequent than before.

While I’m here I want to point some things out. Yes, I am aware that the epic finale news post was about bloody Pokemon batteries; a bad time to stop, I know. Also, the domain name is no longer registered to this blog so it’s back to the WordPress one unfortunately. Don’t worry about somebody else stealing it though because I still own it; I just don’t see the need to pay WordPress to use it here for another year at the moment. Finally, this post may not be up to the standards they once were due to being a little rusty but it serves it purpose well enough.

Despite, In Creation Games not being updated on a regular basis now, I will still be contributing to Hooked Gamers so you all frequently visit.

So, there we go. I’ve finally came on and posted – hopefully things will pick up here soon.


The New Game of the Month

February 27, 2010

Not many people check out the Game of the Month page on the right there but there is a very good reason for that: I don’t either. I rarely update it with anything meaningful and every time I do check it out I have to backtrack about 3 months. Well, I thought I might as well try a better way of handling it.

From now on I’ll post up a poll where all the readers can vote for you favourite game of the month. I will also make a contribution by choosing my own game of the month (I won’t vote in the poll). So, about a week into the start of every month I should hopefully have both mine and the readers game of the month posted. The page that used to do this will probably go.

The poll for the February game of the month will be posted later today so make sure you keep an eye out on it. I know I’ve missed January but for the people who are interested, Mass Effect 2 was the winner and Bayonetta was the runner up.


I’m Back Baby

February 10, 2010

I may have said that the blog would return in two weeks and it may have been slightly longer than that but, hey I’m back now! Expect to see some reviews and features that I’ve written recently to pop up soon. A few have been prepared and more are on their way but they won’t be posted on a daily basis.


Come Back In Two Weeks!

January 23, 2010

Unfortunately it’s the time of the year when I have to sit exams. This means that I’ve got to get study for all my subjects which leaves me little time for the blog. The exam period is over in two weeks so I’ll hopefully be up and running by then. See ya’ then

– Daniel


iPod Touch Reviews On Their Way

January 19, 2010

You may know that I got an iPod Touch for Christmas. Since then I’ve played about with it, had fun and enjoyed the product loads. I understand that it’s mainly for music and that what I mainly use it for but I’ve been very impressed by the app store. There are really fun games available on there and I think they are good enough to review. However I will be using a rating system of five stars instead of the normal system for iPod Touch games.


Happy Birthday To Me

January 13, 2010

As of yesterday I am 17 years old. Yes, I missed it by a day and there were no posts yesterday but I’ll make up for it later. Overall I had a great day, had plenty of fun, got some awesome gifts and cake and pizza is always good. Gaming wise, I received 12 months Xbox Live Gold and the Collectors Edition of Bayonetta. Both of them are awesome.

I received plenty of other goodies too including CDs, District 9 (DVD – kicks ass by the way), chocolate and money.


Merry Chrismas Again

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you are all having a great day and having fun. Like most of you I received my fair share of goodies which I am very grateful for so thanks to everyone who got me gifts.

What did you get? Gaming related or otherwise. I happen to be sporting an iPod touch which am I currently using to post this. Game wise I was fortunate enough to receive Assassin’s Creed II, Dragon Age: Origins, The Saboteur, Katamari Forever, inFamous, Hitman: Blood Money and My Japanese Coach. A special metion goes to the awesome Disney’s Hercules: Action Game on the PlayStation.

I loved all of my gifts and I hope everyone else did too.