1. About

Welcome to In Creation Games. In Creation Games is a blog dedicated to the best video games of our time.

In Creation Games will contain coverage of video games. I will discuss old games and new games so don’t be surprised if you see a few classics on the blog. I will be covering the following categories: reviews, news, features, previews, videos, impressions, guides, polls, screenshots and blog announcements.


 This category is fairly obvious. Reviews are what I think of a game, whether I like it or not etc. It’ll basically tell you whether the game is worth buying or not  and let you learn a little more about the game. Each game will be assigned a score. The scoring system I use if out of 10 but including 0.5 e.g. 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8. So you could say that it is out of 20. Each game I review will be completed beforehand unless the game is a) so bad I just can’t play anymore or b) continuous and has no end to the main game e.g. Fifa, The Sims. If the game has multi-player and various difficulty modes I will make sure to test them before writing the review.


This one is even more obvious than the last. News is new information of the video game world. However I can’t comment on every single piece of news so I will only post about big news or news that I think my viewers will be interested in.


Features are harder to describe. Features can vary a lot but they are really just lists about certain topics. An example would be a top ten list or a list of what I want to see in a sequel. Features were always just posted at random times but as of 12/06/09 features should be every two weeks.


Previews are comments on how the game is shaping up. Whether it looks good, what I think it will be like etc. You could think of it are estimate of what the game will be like based on trailers, information, screenshots and maybe Demos or Betas. Demos and Betas will normally be covered in impressions though. There will normally be a preview every Sunday.


Videos is another obvious one. This will contain trailers of video games but I may make some video reviews or video features at one point. I will use YouTube to post the videos. Click here for the YouTube channel. If you subscribe you will be able to keep track of the videos easier.


Impressions are always based on playing a game. After I have played enough to say what it is like but not enough to review it I’ll post my impressions of the game and what I think about it. Impressions could be based on a game that I own which I have only just started, Demos, Betas or playing a game at a friends house.


Guides,or walkthroughs, will tell you how to do a certain part of a game. Guides are a lot more difficult to write than the other categories so don’t expect them too often. My guides won’t be how to complete a game though, it will focus more on smaller things such as the games collectibles, boss fights, leveling up etc.


This is another obvious one and is simply screenshots of video games. Whether it be pictures of gameplay, cut scenes or concept art expect the best pictures to be posted.


Polls give the readers of the blog a chance to easily express themselves by voting for the answer of a particular question. The results will show the most popular views. These will be done around big pieces of news most of the time but there will be some random ones thrown in too. Unlike the rest of what I will cover Polls is not a category but instead will appear at the side of the blog and then in the archives page. A new poll will be made every week (normally uploaded on Saturday) and for this week it will be in the sidebar, after the week is up it will be put in the archives page but you can still vote.

Blog Announcements

Blog Announcements are simply announcements I will be making about the blog or myself. Nothing else too it.

 – Daniel



  1. Awesome man! Keep up the work, keep this going cause its ace! Oh and ME for no.1. Yeh!

  2. Glad you like it.

  3. Hi! Like your stuff. Would like to invite you to join a gaming site. Can you contact me?

  4. I like what you have going here with your site keep up the good work. Its good to see more videogame blogs. Mine is tktdojo.com I havent really just started rolling out weekly updates but I’m getting there

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