Rumour: BioShock MMO Being Developed

April 15, 2010

Destructoid received a tip from a “mysterious source” that 2K Games are currently developing a massively multiplayer online game based around the atmospheric, underwater FPS BioShock. The company has displayed interest in developing MMO’s in the past and BioShock was considered a candidate, though no official announcement has ever been given.

Out of all 2K’s games BioShock probably would fit the MMO requirements best but I’m still not sure if it would work. For me, BioShock was about the tense, overwhelming atmosphere that I doubt would exist if it was an MMO. Even then, would they make before or after the events of Rapture?

It’s worth mentioning that this is simply a rumour and it comes from a “mysterious source” so it might not be true. If you do really like the idea then it’s probably best to wait for an announcement before getting your hopes up.

Source: Destructoid


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