Ninja Theory Working On Next Devil May Cry Game?

April 13, 2010

Ninja Theory, the developers of Heavenly Sword, are rumoured to be making the next installment in the Devil May Cry series. This rumour originated from the latest issue of Game Informer which has been transcribed by The Silent Chief.

“Loose Talk has learned that Enslaved isn’t the only game Ninja Theory is working on-we’ve heard that the Cambridge, England developer is being tapped for the next Devil May Cry.”

“It is not totally unexpected, however; Capcom has said that although it is shying away from Western developer for new IP, it would continue to utilize them for known franchises, which DMC certainly is.”

Capcom have previous for outsourcing development to Western companies with the likes of Bionic Commando and Dead Rising 2 being developed by separate developers rather than Capcom. Ninja Theory would make a good choice for Devil Mary Cry 5 because Heavenly Sword played similar and boasted incredible cinematic quality, among fantastic mo-cap and voice acting. Currently the company are working on Enslaved and apparently have a secret project which is yet to be announced – could it be Devil May Cry 5?


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