15 New PSP Titles Listed By ESRB

April 13, 2010

The 15 games were probably designed with the PSP GO in mind but here's a picture of the original, fatty instead.

Ah, good old ESRB, the kings of revealing games before official announcements. Well, this time they didn’t just reveal one new game but 15. However, they don’t appear to be full-retail games as the description, and in some cases even the title, suggest that they are more simplistic and suited to being download only. It’s worth noting that they are only listed for PSP which means they are most likely not Minis as they can be played on a PlayStation 3 as well.

Full list of games after the jump/below.

  • Busy Sweets Factory
  • Charge! Tank Squad!
  • Finger Connection
  • Homerun Hitters
  • Love Cupid
  • Music Quiz
  • One Two Boat Racing
  • Pile Up Bakery
  • Pinball Duel
  • Quiz Animania
  • Ramen Heaven
  • Sheep Defense
  • Shogi
  • Sweet Reversi
  • Tonzurakko

I know they aren’t as exciting as you were hoping for but it looks like it could be a significant addition to the PSP’s’s library (In terms of quantity, at least). Of course, if you can’t wait for these 15 games that we have no details on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By SleepValkyriaia Chronicles 2, ModNationon Racers and more may keep you busy for then.

Source: Joystiq, via VG247.


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