Valve Hire Some Naughty Dog Employees

March 14, 2010


Valve have happily shown their dislike towards the PlayStation 3 and have used that reason for not developing games on the system. However, more recently they have been saying that they want to make games for the PS3 when they feel they are capable of doing so. They weren’t happy with the PS3 port of The Orange Box and want to make the PS3 titles of their games on par with the X360 and PC.

Of course, Valve won’t be doing this until they are ready and their next game, Portal 2, won’t be showing up on the PS3. Despite this, Valve are moving in the right direction by hiring 3 of Naughty Dog’s employees. Naughty Dog have been behind the likes of Jak & Daxter and Uncharted so they know their way around Sony consoles. Valve snapped up Vitaliy Genkin, Alex Vlachos, and Elan Ruskin who have all had experience with the hardware at Naughty Dog.

This should definitely help Valve support the PS3. Hiring employees from one of the the best PS3 developers out there is a good sign and if this kind of thing keeps up, PS3 owners can look forward to future Valve games on the system.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle


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