PS3 Errors All Round [Update – Problem Solved]

March 1, 2010

Update: Now that it’s past midnight (GMT) and therefore it’s a new day PS3’s are working as they should be. Sony have gave a confirmation saying so but recommend you make sure the clock is set to the right date before playing. They also confirmed that the problem was to do with the clock thinking 2010 was a leap year. Anyway, welcome back PS3; I can’t wait to get stuck back into Heavy Rain!

If you are an owner of a “fat” (Not a slim) PS3 then it is advised to not put it on at all today. Regardless of whether it has connected to the Internet before; how often it is used or how long ago you got it; if it isn’t a slim some major problems could occur. The error has been going on for the full day so I’m sorry I never reported it sooner.

According to Sony, the problem seems to have been caused by a bug in the internal clock. Various problems have been reported because of this with many users loosing game saves completely with no way of re-obtaining them. Trophy data us also being corrupted but this may be able to be obtained after the problem is sorted.

Sony have repeatedly said that they are trying to fix the problem on their blogs and various Twitter accounts so hopefully they aren’t just waiting until midnight to see if it fixes itself. It might be worth checking out the official forums too. Currently, they are aiming to solve the problem in the “next 24 hours”.

Update: Sony have advised not to connect to PSN at all; even on the Slim PS3.



  1. The system may be fixed but I’m concerned that game saves will all be corrupt. I haven’t backed up my HDD in quite some time and so progress since then may be all for naught. Good news on the other hand, my slim has my trophies synced so I should be ok with the trophy issue… I hope.

  2. No losses here (other than the date being wrong when I turned it on) but I never turned it on the other day when this was all happening.

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