Square Enix Want FFVII Remake If Possible “Within a Year”

February 20, 2010

Can you imagine Final Fantasy VII with Advent Children visuals?

Ah Final Fantasy VII, over 10 years since it was originally released and it is still more than capable of getting people into discussion. Of course, it’s one of the most well received RPGs of all time so the talk is justified. It seems that nearly every gamer alive is after a remake of this role-playing classic. Hell, even Square Enix have shown interest in possibly remaking it in the past.

However, each time it’s mentioned; the details aren’t very revealing. They haven’t detailed how they would do it, what would convince them and so on. Well, they have given us some more details now.

Yoshinori Kitase, a Final Fantasy producer, has stated that the remake will only happen if the resources and facilities provided allowed development to be completed in a year. This was revealed in an interview with TechDigest where he stated the following [after the jump]:

“If it were possible that we had all the right facilities and the right environment to be able to make and prepare a Final Fantasy VII remake within a year, we’d very much like a go at it! But even Final Fantasy XIII has taken over three and a half years to create. If we were to recreate final Fantasy VII with the same level of graphical detail as you see in Final Fantasy XIII, we’d imagine that that would take as much as three or four times longer than the three and a half years it has taken to put this Final Fantasy together! So it’s looking pretty unrealistic! But if any such situation came about by any remote chance, then yes, we’d do it!”

Like he said himself, it’s looking pretty unrealistic but the possibility hasn’t been completely out ruled just yet.

Source: Connected Console


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