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Game of the Month: February 2010 Vote

February 27, 2010

Vote for your favourite game of February 2010 in the poll after the jump and also to the right of the site. The results can be expected in about a week.

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The New Game of the Month

February 27, 2010

Not many people check out the Game of the Month page on the right there but there is a very good reason for that: I don’t either. I rarely update it with anything meaningful and every time I do check it out I have to backtrack about 3 months. Well, I thought I might as well try a better way of handling it.

From now on I’ll post up a poll where all the readers can vote for you favourite game of the month. I will also make a contribution by choosing my own game of the month (I won’t vote in the poll). So, about a week into the start of every month I should hopefully have both mine and the readers game of the month posted. The page that used to do this will probably go.

The poll for the February game of the month will be posted later today so make sure you keep an eye out on it. I know I’ve missed January but for the people who are interested, Mass Effect 2 was the winner and Bayonetta was the runner up.


Sonic & Sega: ASR DLC “Sooner than you expect”

February 27, 2010

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing has only been out for one day in Europe and already there is talk about DLC coming soon. No details of what to expect in the DLC but I would guess it will be new maps or characters; there’s plenty of Sega games they could use (Give me Valkyria Chronicles Sega!)

Steve Lycett posted on that the downloadable content will be arriving sooner than expected. He also seemed to like what he played of it. Of course, he is letting Sega reveal the details in due time so look out for some news on the subject soon.

“You’ll hear more about DLC very soon. I don’t want to steal SEGA’s thunder on this. But you’ll be seeing some sooner than you expect – and it’s AWESOME. I’ve just played it”

I haven’t got round to getting the full game yet but I really liked the demo. Fast, fun and full of charm; DLC will just keep you playing longer.


Just Cause 2 Demo March 4th

February 26, 2010

Today, the Just Cause 2 demo was given a date of March 4th on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam. Don’t expect the typical 20 minute demo that most games give us though; Just Cause 2 give players a total of 400 square miles to play with and the demo will contain 35 of these. That’s a lot.

The first game was criticised for having large areas with little to do but the sequel does look to improve this greatly. Released footage and information suggests that the side content will be a lot more fleshed out. According to the Press Release, the demo is  “Packed with towns, villages, military installations, mountain ranges, missions and more” and it “will feature an astonishing amount of activities for the player… and opportunities for adrenaline-fuelled chaos are limitless.”

Sounds impressive to me. 35 square miles filled with plenty to do and the ability to unleash chaos with the use of various weapons and vehicles. I’ll make to sure to download this on the 4th! Look forward to the full game on March 26th (EU) for PS3, X360 and PC.


Final Fantasy I + II On iPhone

February 25, 2010

As of today, Square Enix have made both Final Fantay and Final Fantasy II avaiable on iTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch owners. Both games cost £5.49/$9 and contain the bonus dungeons alongside the actual game.

I have FFI downloading as we speak so I’m looking forward to some classic, old school JRPG action. Square have spruced the games up a little though; it’s a lot better visually than it was when it was originally released. Read the rest of this entry ?


DSi XL North American Price And Release Announced

February 24, 2010

DSi XL on the right

The fourth version of Nintendo’s hugely successful DS, the DSi XL has been given a price point and release date for North America. It will be released on March 28 for $189.99. With this updated edition comes a larger screen and an even bigger stylus.

Nintendo also announced that 100 Classic Books will be released on the DSi XL on June 15 for $19.99. Surprisingly, it will contain 100 classic books (Including Dracula) and it will be held like a book to use.


The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai Sequel Announced

February 24, 2010

Ska Studios have announced a sequel to the action packed XBLA game: The Dishwasher Dead: Samurai. The sequel, entitled The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, will be released “when it’s done” exclusively on the Xbox Live Arcade. New weapons will be included, one of which being the Violence Hammer which is a “section of girder wrapped in barbed wire and random hardware”.

Vampire Smile will have two solo character campaigns, alongside a co-op campaign. It will also include 50 quick arcade challenges and an endless Dish Challenge

“Put simply, we are taking The Dishwasher to a bigger, better and more badass level,” said Ska Studios founder James Silva. “Fluid animation, insane combos, disturbing weapons and creeping mental illness are set to collide in a very bad way when this game launches.”