iSamJackson Review

January 19, 2010

Developer: Heatwave Interactive
Platform:  iPod Touch (Version Played), iPhone
Genre:  Soundboard
Players: 1
Release Date: 29/12/09
Price: £1.79

Of all the people a soundboard could be made for there is one who stands heads and shoulders above them all. That person is Samuel L. Jackson; the most badass mother fucker on the planet. iSamJackson is the Samuel L Jackson soundboard. It comes in two versions clean and explicit; yes, I obviously went for explicit. Some people may be weary of paying £1.79 for a soundboard but this is worth every penny.

Now the main function of iSamJackson is to be a soundboard. At the press of a button you can make Samuel L. Jackson unleash God like sounds consisting of one-liners, insults and witty remarks. Of course, with over 150 different lines, fans of Sam himself (Which should consist of everyone on the planet) will be amused for quite a while. All of the lines are original recordings so unfortunately I’m not able to get any of my favourite lines but hearing things like “That’s what she said” more than makes up for it.

Already there are downloadable packs available which provide more additional sounds. So far there is a sports and MMO pack at the cost of 59p. Buying too many packs could build up and get pricey but if you spread it out well enough then you should get your money’s worth. This could also allow access to some movie quotes; I know I would get it.

Along with the primary soundboard function there is also the “scan” feature. This involves placing your thumb on the touch screen and Samuel L. Jackson scans it and comments on you. It doesn’t actually scan it, of course. The comments are always negative unless you know the little trick which I’ll let you find out yourself. It’s extremely satisfying when you get five positive comments in a row and your friends are unable to get anything but insults.

Similar to 8 balls is the “Query” feature. This is where Samuel L. Jackson provides his insight on all of your problems. When you tap the screen he will give a comment that is able to work with a wide variety of questions. I still can’t believe he said “Fuck Yeah” upon asking if I was the second coolest person in the world, bar him of course.

Since it’s just a simple idea with not much variety in content (That is not a complaint, it’s not meant to be anything more than it is) it requires a useable interface so that people can actually make heads or tails from it. Each different section has its own separate tab and it’s very easy to navigate. All the images are sharp and it lacks any problems with its presentation. It also boasts solid customization elements which allow you to keep track of your favourite quotes and lines.

Now, this isn’t really a game but it’s not just a soundboard. It goes beyond that on so many levels, mainly because it’s based entirely around Samuel L. Jackson which almost ensures success there. Great to play about with and I’ve already had so much fun showing it off to friends and answering people’s questions with it. This is the coolest app available on the app store.

+ Lots of varying, original lines
+ Great fun in general
+ It’s Samuel L. Jackson, I really shouldn’t have to say anymore than that

Would have been nice to see some movie quotes in there




  1. awesome review.

  2. D: No movie quotes? 😦

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