Next Call of Duty In Vietnam

January 7, 2010

At first the Call of Duty series was all about World War II, then with the fourth entry it moved to a modern setting. Treyarch brought it back to WWII with World at War and then Infinity Ward made a sequel to Call of Duty 4 which obviously went to the modern setting again. Most of the tiem the WWII games were good but the jump to modern warfare done wonders for the series and it looks like it may be ditching the WWII setting yet again.

Treyarch will be bringing us the next Call of Duty game this November and it will be based around the Vietnam war. Apparently it will be taking influence from movies set around the same period such as Apocalypse Now and Platoon. I doubt it will be as good as Infinity Ward’s games but the Vietnam setting could prove to be an interesting choice.

Source: CVG


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