Resistance: Fall of Man Review

January 2, 2010

Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform:  PS3
Genre:  First Person Shooter
Players: 1 – 40
Release Date: 23rd of March 2007 (EU)

Console launch games tend to be nothing special. They normally suffer from being rushed to meet the consoles release date and the lack of experience with it can also lead to poor games. Not all launch games are bad though (Halo anyone? Yes I mentioned Halo in a PS3 exclusive review). Resistance: Fall of Man is one of the lucky games that didn’t end up terrible and is better than most launch games.

Resistance takes place during World War II, or at least the time where WWII should have happened. You see, Resistance tells the tale slightly different than what actually happened. An unusual species known as the Chimera, who appear to have originated from Russia, are the villains in the game. They are equipped with plenty of high tech weaponry and many abilities that humans are without (Such as recharging health). The Chimera slowly take over Europe and when Fall of Man starts, they are approaching Britain which is all that is left.

Of course, don’t expect to be playing as a British soldier; that just wouldn’t do. Instead you play as Sgt. Nathan Hale who is one of the Americans sent in to give Britain a hand fighting the Chimera. Despite being silent for most of the game and being really generic there are time when you do like him for his courage and his occasional “badass” moments. There is something special about Hale though; he is immune to the Chimeran virus. He gets all the good stuff without becoming an inhuman monster. His health can recharge and he is able to use the Chimeran medic-packs.

The other characters aren’t anything special though. Most of them are just British officers that aren’t well developed or interesting. Some have their moments but nobody really stands out. The only character besides Hale who stands out is Rachel Parker. Rachel narrates the game and talks through the cutscenes in between each mission. She also works with Hale at some points of the game and acts as his primary contact. Her narrative fits in well with the story. The story won’t blow your mind but the events are interesting and so is the world and Chimera.

The gameplay is the real reason you will play Resistance though. Both the campaign and multiplayer offer a solid and enjoyable experience. It actually boasts quite a lengthy campaign that for the most part is quite entertaining. It starts of relatively slow but as it progresses and more weapons and enemy types are introduced it just seems to get better and better. The main problem with the campaign though is that it rarely goes beyond good. Every so often a set piece will come along and be great but it doesn’t happen as much as it should.

The majority of the campaign involves shooting Chimera in the face but it’s varied enough by the different enemies to keep it fun. There are a handful of vehicle missions to mix it up a little more. The campaign can also be played on co-op with another player which gives you a buddy to share the fun with.

Taking Resistance online is something that I recommend to everyone who owns the game. Up to 40 players can battle it out in various game modes and maps. Regardless of what mode you are playing you can expect it to fast, fun and frantic. The fact that loads of people are still playing it now shows that it’s a great online game.

One thing that Insomniac can always be relied upon for is weapons. Ratchet & Clank had loads of weird and wonderful weapons and Resistance is no different. Both the Humans and the Chimera have plenty of wide ranging weapons. The Human weapons consist of the normal Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Grenades and so on but some of them have changed slightly. The Sniper rifle’s secondary fire, for example, is the ability to slow down time allowing for more precise shots. Each weapon has a secondary fire but it’s the Chimeran weapons that show this off.

The Chimera’s main gun, the Bullseye, fires plasma-like bullets and is the equivalent to the Humans’ Carbine. The secondary fire is a tag which will lock onto the enemy and guide following bullets towards them. As long as you don’t fire it point blank at something the bullets should find a way to attack which means you can stay in cover and remain unharmed. The other Chimeran weapons allow you to shoot though walls, place mines and more. My personal favourite is the hedgehog grenade which slowly rises into the air and then fires spikes in all directions, impaling anything that gets in its way.

Surprisingly Resistance offers quite a good artistic design. The design of the Chimera is fantastic and Insomniac has done a great job of making the creatures. Environments look good too, due to being based (Not replicated) on the actual cities. This, mixed in with the differences the Chimera make gives it a good artistic design.

Resistance: Fall of Man is a solid First Person Shooter. The campaign is fun and enjoyable, even if it rarely amazes players. Multiplayer wise it is great too with some frantic modes and maps. Despite the characters not being up to much, the artistic design and innovate weapons bring the experience up as a whole.

+ Solid multiplayer and campaign
+ Innovative and interesting weapons
+ Strong Artistic Design

Characters are generally bland and uninteresting
Rarely reaches “great”



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