PSP-4000 Announced?

December 19, 2009

In the latest issue of online magazine MCV (Page 17) there is an advert for some of the recently announced LittleBigPlanet merchandise, specifically for a LBP PSP starter pack by Accessories4Technology. They happen to mention the different PSP models that the product is compatible with. The PSP-1000 is there, the PSP-2000 is there, the PSP-3000 is there and the PSP GO is  there. The interesting part is that the PSP-4000 is also mentioned.

This hasn’t been confirmed by Sony yet but it doesn’t seem likely that a manufacturer of these kinds of products would make a silly mistake like this. It could be a mistake though so watch out for more news on the subject popping up.

Source: The Lost Gamer (I apologize for not having this up sooner)



  1. Would you mind quoting the source when you copy a story? 😉

  2. […] may have read about the PSP-4000 being in an advert from Accessories4Technology. Well, they have now confirmed that it was not supposed to be there […]

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