Death Edition Of Dante’s Inferno Coming To Europe

December 14, 2009

You might have read my post a while back about the Divine Edition of Dante’s Inferno which will act as the regular edition of the game for PS3 owners. EA have announced a second special edition, intitled the Death Edition. This extra special edition will be released on both PS3 and X360 unlike the Divine Edition. It comes with the contents of the Divine Edition, along with a few other goodies. Full list of contents are as followed:

• Exclusive costume for a playable character in-game: Isaac Clarke from Dead Space! (Pictured below/after the jump)
• Making-of documentary with the game (Italian subtitles)
• Documentary “Dante in History” (subtitled in English)
• Soundtrack full game
• Documentary on the creation of music and audio (Italian subtitles)
• Digital Artbook edited by visual designer Wayne Barlowe (subtitled in English)
• Over 10 minutes of scenes from the soul “Dante’s Inferno An Animated Epic” (subtitled in English)
• Digital reprint of the poem Complete (in English)

Via Console Planet


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