Vagrant Story Coming To PAL PSN

November 10, 2009

Vagrant Story

Square Enix’s Japanese RPG, Vagrant Story, is making it’s way to the PAL PlayStation Store. It has already been released on the Japanese Store but it will be arriving to the PAL store soon. No word on North America yet though.

I’ve never managed to play this but I’ve heard nothing but complete praise for the game. It’s something that has always interested me so I’m very happy to see it coming to the PSN. It was announced via a newsletter that stated the following:

“Way back at the dawn of time (better known as the year 2000), a certain video games company called SQUARE made a game called VAGRANT STORY, which stormed the charts, became a genre-defining classic and, amongst other things, garnered a perfect score from Famitsu magazine – so pretty much business as usual for character design god Akihiko Yoshida. But the great news is that SQUARE ENIX are bringing it to the PS3 and the PSP on the 12th November!”

However don’t get excited as Square have announced that the release date is wrong but didn’t specify when it would actually come out.


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