Halo Legends: The Babysitter Review

November 7, 2009

The Babysitter Halo Legends

The Babysitter is the first of the seven short anime movies that will be contained in Halo Legends. Taking place after Halo Wars but before Halo: Combat Evolved, it tells the story of a group of ODSTs that are sent on an assassination mission and are commanded by a Spartan known as Cal-141. Studio 4˚C is the team behind this one who have done both The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight so they’ve had experience with this kind of thing.

An anime version of Halo will probably only appeal to fans of the game or people who really like anime so you should already know if it is for you or not. Of course it’s free to watch via Halo Waypoint for the entire of the 7th of November so if you still have time while reading this you might as well give it a watch.

Due to it being very short there isn’t time for much character development but fortunately the focus is on a small group of people. The squad of ODST’s show resentment towards the accompanying Spartan, in particular O’Brian. O’Brian is the squads’ sniper and would normally handle assassinations but Cal is taking the shot this time. If it wasn’t for Cal though the ODST’s really wouldn’t stand much of a chance.

The main reason you’re going to watch this though is to see Halo from a different viewpoint. Seeing a Spartan in its entire animated glory kick ass while jumping about is great. This is helped by the animation which is very smooth as you would expect and fight scenes look top notch because of this. It shares similarities with a particular scene in Halo Wars involving a few Spartans in a fight.

The enemies from the games return to be defeated but it isn’t all about the combat here. The action scenes are good but its tries to balance this out amongst the story and character in the short amount of time it has.

Halo fans will appreciate the use of music which is taken straight from the games. It all fits in with the style and helps link the anime and the games together. As well as the use of music there are multiple references to the series. I won’t give them away but one involves one of the games characters acting as a side character here.

The Babysitter is a very enjoyable anime. It fits in well with the Halo universe and has been animated very well. Fans of the game will no doubt love it due to the music, references and seeing the universe from a different perspective.



  1. Great review 🙂 Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

  2. nice post. thanks.

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