A Very Unusual Kane & Lynch 2 Teaser

November 5, 2009

Apparently this is a teaser for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Before clicking that link though, I need to warn you about the teaser; it’s not what you would expect.

The teaser shows two naked men crash into a hotel after just being shot in a restaurant and then go on to attack a dog with a large object. You don’t see any bad bits but it’s still rather unusual. The characters do look like Kane and Lynch and the video is hilarious (In a very disturbing way) but I’m not sure if it’s real or not.  If this is real, at least we know the sequel will be different from the crappy first game.


One comment

  1. […] Yes, you read that right. A sequel to a very average game has a load of potential. Not because the mechanics can be improved upon, not because they can fix the flaws of the original but for a reason involving the supposed leaked video. […]

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