Molyneux Chooses His 5 Most Revolutionary Games Of The Past 20 Years

October 23, 2009

At the BAFTA’s Annual Video Games Lecture last night, Peter Molyneux picked what he thought were the 5 most revolutionary games of the last 20 years. His choices are below:

 1. Dune 2 – Molyneux picked this RTS because it went for a slower approach compared to other games beforehand. It could also be played in a various amount of ways.

2. Mario 64 – He believes it made the way for 3D platforming and also created an open world which laid the path for future games.

 3. Tomb Raider – He prised how the main character wasn’t a muscled man but went for a female protagonist instead.

 4. Halo – Molyneux thinks this is the FPS that brought the genre to consoles.

 5. World of Warcraft – He praised how it managed to keep players hooked with its “carrot dangling” feature.

I’ve been working on a similar article recently so I’ll try and get it posted soon so you can read it, though I am having internet trouble.


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