Skate 3 Announced

September 15, 2009


Skate 3 has been announced for next year. It has a target release of May 2010 in the UK and will be released on the PS3 and X360. Unlike Activision and Tony Hawk: Ride, Skate 3 will be sticking to the simple, controller method rather than have an overpriced peripheral to play the game. However it won’t just be the same game with a 3 at the end.

EA are placing a big focus on the community and teamwork with this sequel. Thus, a new co-op mode has been announced. This co-op mode allows people to take part in events together and progress through the career as a team. As well as that EA talked about skate.School which is unsurprisingly a mode to help players get better at the game.

They are going to be enhance the skate.Create feature as well. You will be able to create your own graphics, videos and skate parks in Skate 3. I’m presuming that this content can be shared online if EA are trying to have a community focused game. I enjoyed the previous Skate games and think it was the next gen skateboarding game fans deserved rather than the last Tony Hawk which wasn’t all that. Hopefully EA will manage to keep the Skate series fresh and not go the way of the Tony Hawk games which were once great.


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