Halo 3: ODST Preview

August 9, 2009

Halo 3 ODST

A wise man once said something to me about this game which gave me a sudden sense of realisation. These are the exact words he said to me: “Have you saw the new ODST trailer… I mean Nathan Fillion: The Video Game trailer?” He is right though, the main reason I’m excited about ODST is because Nathan Fillion, of Firefly and Serenity fame, is in it. It’s more than just his voice too; the character he plays looks identical to him. Now surely this game can’t be bad with Nathan Fillion in it?

Now moving away from the Nathan Fillion fan boy talk, let’s get down to why ODST is looking pretty good. Well the Halo games have always had very solid shooting mechanics and ODST is looking to be no different. However there is going to be a few more elements into the mix which should make ODST an excellent game. Unlike the other Halo games this will have an open world so it will add more to the experience and probably even add more replay value. You don’t play as Master Chief in this game and instead you play as an ODST within the events of Halo 2. This means that you don’t have Master Chief’s super strength, quick reflexes or his Spartan armour. So you need to play a bit more tactical than previous Halo games as you can’t take as much damage now. This won’t be as tactical as Rainbow Six but it will still have strategic elements in it.

Another interesting feature contained in the main game is the flashback sequences. The flashbacks are triggered from certain events that you will be able to find straight from the start. You can view the flashbacks in any order but it just depends when you find them. Each flashback will add more to the story and allow you to play with different characters. That means we will be able to play as Nathan Fillion! These flashbacks sound interesting and could do quite a lot for story and character.

The new Firefight mode is shaping up to be very fun. It is similar to the Horde mode in Gears of War 2 where there are waves of incoming enemies that you must defeat. However in ODST there are no limits and it will only end when everyone dies. The enemies are randomly generated so you will be unaware of how strong the next group of enemies will be. You could be facing a group of Grunts and then after that be facing of group of Brutes with jetpacks and gravity hammers. As well as all that, skulls will randomly activate so they will increase the difficulty a substantial amount.

This sounds pretty good as it is but to make it even better ODST will support four player co-op through both the main game and Firefight. Halo 3 was great on four player co-op and it was much better with others than by yourself. Firefight should be great with others.


The multiplayer will be exactly the same as Halo 3’s which I can’t fault seeing as ODST was originally designed as an expansion rather than a full game. Halo 3’s multiplayer was awesome anyway and you can connect with players who are playing via a Halo 3 disc with an ODST disc and vice versa. I can still happily play the multiplayer in Halo 3 so I don’t mind not having a completely new multiplayer. You will receive new maps when purchasing ODST though so that will keep people who are after a change happy. You will be able to buy the maps from the marketplace too though.

Halo 3: ODST is shaping up very nicely and looks like it is going to be a great game. Halo fans will no doubt go straight for it and newcomers may want it for having the same multiplayer mode as Halo 3. It looks like it will make a nice change from Master Chief and should allow a better perspective on the Halo universe. Oh and did I mention that Nathan Fillion was in it?


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