The Witness announced

August 4, 2009

Number None, the clever folks behind Braid, have announced that their next game will be called The Witness. The Witness is set on an uninhabited island and the gameplay consists of puzzles and exploration. If you’ve played Braid then you’ll probably be excited but you’ll be excited for a very long time. The Witness is currently planned to be coming out late 2011 so we won’t witness The Witness for quite a while yet. There is a teaser site that doesn’t give away anymore details but it does contain an interesting quote:

“Something amorphous and consummate
existed before Heaven and Earth.
Solitude! Vast!
Standing alone, unaltering.
Going everywhere, yet unthreatened.
It can be considered the Mother of World.
I don’t know it’s name, so I designate it, ‘Tao’
Compelled to consider it, name it ‘The Great’.”

This could have no meaning or it could simply be a quote from Braid.


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