Why the Hitman series is awesome…

July 10, 2009

… and how Hitman 5 can make it even better

The Level Design

The Hitman series always have clever and well designed levels. Each level is filled with loads of small touches, secrets, goodies and more. There is always something fun and useful hidden in the levels for the determined player to find. The actual levels themselves are just as good. There is no repeated corridor for the 50th time or multiple rooms that are exactly the same. Each area in Hitman is designed extremely well and gives the player freedom to go where they want in that particular area. The exploration helps you find the special things that will help you complete your mission in a fun and inventive way. Hitman 5 could make the worlds even more open than they already are. I don’t want a GTA world but making the people in the world do actual things and have some common sense would be great and help the area feel alive. A more open world would also mean that there would more opportunities to explore which could add a lot of replay value to the game.

The Weapons

Hitman does have the standard weapons that most games have, like pistols and shotguns, but it also has some pretty creative weapons. Most of the weapons have a different use from a weapon but that doesn’t stop Agent 47 from using them. Garden shears, drills, pool cues, nail guns, fire pokers and meat hooks are just a handful of the inventive weapons that Hitman allows you to use. Even the guns that are in it (Well, only Blood Money) are better than most games because of the customization (Blood Money). You can turn a normal shotgun into a shotgun with a scope, laser sights, darts instead of bullets, have a butt stock and a double magazine. Now that’s a shotgun! You can customize each of your main weapons into something just as crazy as what I said. Hitman 5 could improve this by just giving us more options really. We already had a good amount of options but more would be nice. They could always let you customize every gun instead of just your actual ones but I’m not sure if that would be fair. New, inventive weapons would be welcomed. I want to see buckets, chloroform, forks, lawn mowers and more in Hitman 5. IO Interactive will be able to come up with better weapons than me though.

Agent 47

Agent 47 is a badass. He is a cold blooded killer that just wants to finish his mission in the best way possible. He doesn’t smile and he doesn’t say one liners. He just stays emotionless and silent so he can kill his target. However the Agent 47 in the film was not a badass. He may have looked like 47 but inside it was not him! Agent 47 doesn’t pick up random women, unless they are his target, and sleep with them! He doesn’t have time for that! He also doesn’t smile in the games like I just said but in the film he smiled! The sequel better fix this, no running and gunning either! Anyway, back on topic Agent 47 is cool. Eidos announced that in Hitman 5 Agent 47 is no longer the top killer and needs to work his way back up the chain. This should give us the chance to see 47 differently so when he inevitably becomes a badass again it will be even better than before! 

Variety is the spice of life

The Hitman games are always really varied and no level is the same as another but to add even more to that, each level can be done in loads of different ways.  There are always loads of stealthy ways to kill the targets which are the more rewarding options but if you feel like it you can just run in and kill everyone with an M4. There are loads of options in the game. You can choose costumes, weapons, which way to go, the way to kill people and more. One of the best levels for showing this off is the opera house in Hitman: Blood Money. The opera house had two targets that you had to kill and there were loads of ways you could kill them. You could kill/sedate a worker and steal his costume so you can get access to the basement where work is being done. This area led to the dressing room area and another worker area in which the roof scaffolding is. You could put a bomb on the scaffolding and then detonate at the right time to kill one target. You could also sneak into one of the targets dressing rooms after his rehearsal and swap the fake gun for a real gun meaning that he will get shot by a real gun. You could also ambush him in the dressing room. There are a number a sniper spots very useful for taking the targets out too. You can also climb up behind the stage and use a silenced gun to shoot the target at the exact same time as he gets shot by the fake gun. Of course you can just run in and kill everybody there. Hitman 5 should increase the amount of ways that you can complete your missions in and add even more replay value to a game which already has lots.


Now everyone knows that the best way to kill someone in Hitman is to find a random person, kill them and put on their clothes, regardless of the size. Agent 47 has dressed up in many different disguises during his life and some are more memorable than others. There are always a few guards to kill to take the clothes off but that’s not the ones I want to talk about. Agent 47 has dressed up a clown, a biker, Santa, a garbage man, a samurai and my personal favourite: a bird. The vast array of costumes can make or break whether you will succeed in your mission but sometimes you just have to opt for the funny ones. Running around with an Uzi while dressed up as a red bird is hilarious and one of my favourite moments from Hitman.  I want to see even more disguises in Hitman 5. Maybe try to sort the size problem but that would be hard to do and I would rather the game be fun than annoying. More funny disguises would be good too, Superhero 47 anyone? One thing that would be quite cool, and would fit in with the open world idea mentioned earlier, is a costume/clothes shop. Hitman: Blood Money introduced buying weapons so it would be good if Hitman 5 could introduce buying clothes.


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