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What you should buy instead of Terminator Salvation

June 30, 2009

I thought I would make a small feature so people will know what to buy instead of Terminator Salvation. This won’t be that big a feature and the one scheduled for 10/07/09 will still be at that date.

Gears of War

Platform? – Xbox 360

Why? – The shooting is a lot more solid than Terminator Salvation and so is the cover system. The game isn’t particularly long but it is still longer than Terminator. Gears has a lot more replay value with great co-op, great multiplayer and more difficulty modes. It is also amazing graphically with an incredible amount of detail.

How much? – £12.99 at


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Platform? – PlayStation 3

Why? – Uncharted mixes third person shooting, platforming and cool characters into one game. Even though it is quite short there is multiple difficulty modes that you will want to play through again. Uncharted also looks great with some fantastic lighting in the jungle.

How Much? – 14.95 at


Resident Evil 5

Platform? – PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360

Why?Resident Evil 5 is a great action game that has fantastic co-op. Unfortunately it does continue the horror from the previous games in the series but it is a solid, action game with plenty of replay value.

How Much? – PS3 – £19.99 at

– PC – £18.95 at

– X360 – £19.99 at


Dead Space

Platform? – PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360

Why?Dead Space isn’t just a third person shooter but is more of a survival horror game. It has some very clever scares and has an amazing use of sound. It is relatively long too so it will keep you going for quite a while           

How Much? – PS3 – £11.96 at

– X360 – £12.96 at

– PC – £7.70 at


Note: All prices were correct at time of posting.

Note2: I don’t mean any offence to GRIN as the developers of Terminator Salvation. This feature is just to recommend what games people could play that are similar to Terminator Salvation. I believe that Terminator Salvation is a decent game but let down by the length and with more time I think it could have been great.


Terminator Salvation Impressions

June 30, 2009

Terminator Salvation screenshot

Before I start I need to point out that I did not buy this game but managed to play some co-op at a mates’ house. It’s a movie tie in so it was probably going to be crap but I must admit that Terminator Salvation did look like a decent game. I was wrong though. I haven’t played through the full game but from what I played (3 or 4 levels) I know it is just an average game. I’m not going to review it though because I would need to finish it first and I’m not going to bother playing any more so I’ll keep it at my impressions.

The game is a third person shooter. It has a cover system. You can only hold two guns. You always have a buddy with you. Now where have I heard that before? Yes Terminator Salvation is just a Gears of War clone but it’s not one of the good ones. It doesn’t do anything new and everything it copies from Gears it does a lot worse. The shooting isn’t that bad but it’s nowhere near as solid as Gears. The cover system looks cool and moving between cover works well and is very smooth but it does the one thing that normally makes a cover system bad: you can’t walk out of it. Instead of being able to just walk out of the cover you need to press a button to leave it. This may not sound like much but it is very annoying and ruins the smoothness which is shown in every other part of the cover system. To move between cover you simply point the analogue stick at the piece of cover you wish to move to and then tap a button. Then you will move to that piece of a cover with a very nice looking animation. Shooting from cover works well enough too but it just feels like a watered down version of Gears. The shooting is fairly solid but there are much better games out there which will also cost you less.

 To make the game even worse, it is really short. I know I haven’t finished it but I managed to do those “3 or 4 levels” in about an hour and there are only 8 levels. My mate tells me that it didn’t take him very long to complete it. Even though the likes of Gears of War and Uncharted are short they are still both longer than this.

To break up the normal shooting bits a few on-rails levels are thrown in. I played the last one where you control a Hunter-Killer tank. It switched to first person for me and my mate then we could fire two Gatling guns and rockets. It wasn’t very good. All we done was shoot machines with the Gatling guns (which barely do anything) and then shoot rockets when we could. There were ground and air enemies to mix it up a little, along with a few gun turrets. It was worse than the decent normal part of the game so it would have been better if they had made another normal level rather than an on-rails one.

The game isn’t all bad though. One thing I love is the soundtrack to the game. The Terminator films have awesome music which really set the atmosphere and the game is no different. The game makes you feel like you are part of the war and make you fear the Terminators (to an extent). This leads me to the next point of praise towards Terminator Salvation. The Terminators are really well done in the game. They take a lot of hits and don’t feel like crappy versions of Terminators to make the game easier. They provide a challenge and force you to stay in cover which is something the game definitely deserves praise for.

Terminator Salvation can be fun at times but it does just feel like a watered down version of Gears of War. If you are a diehard fan of the game you may enjoy it but just don’t expect much. I had a bit of fun playing it but I was doing it on co-op which is normally a lot more fun than the single player. I think that if Grin had a longer time to develop the game then they would have been able to make it much better than it is. I know I said I wouldn’t review so I’m not but if I had to give it a score it would be a 4 or 5 out of 10. Even though it did have some decent shooting and a good atmosphere it is far too short and doesn’t have enough it in to make it worth a purchase.


Domain name!

June 30, 2009

I now have a domain name for the blog! No longer is the web address but it is now just called It’s much better. You can still use the old address if you want though, you’ll just be redirected.


Hitman 5 for 2010

June 29, 2009

Earlier in the year Eidos announced that there was going to be a new Hitman game but didn’t release any other details. Now we know that it is going to be released sometime in 2010. Apparently it will also share plot details with the new Hitman film. Kyle Ward is the screenwriter for the film again and is also doing the Kane and Lynch film, as well as an Uncharted film too. I thought the first Hitman film was okay but it was too much of an action film which Hitman isn’t about. Hopefully now that it’s sharing plot elements it will be a little more stealthy. A little bit about the plot was discussed as well. Agent 47 is no longer considered to be the best, he is down at the bottom and down on his luck. So Hitman 5 will have him working himself back up so he can become the notorious Hitman he once was. No word on platform yet but it is expected to be on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.


Afro Samurai Demo

June 28, 2009

Afro Samurai

Yes I may be a little late to the party but at least I got here. Afro Samurai has been out for a while now but I’m still going to say what I think about the demo. In case you don’t know Afro Samurai was an anime which has no become a game. The anime and game has a strong cast with the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Ron Pearlman and Kelly Hu. However you only get to hear Samuel L Jackson in the demo who is brilliant in it.

The gameplay is in a similar fashion to the likes of Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry and God of War. It is basically all about combat from what I have gathered from the demo. The best thing about the combat isn’t the actual way it feels or acts but is in fact the way it looks. That leads me on to the best thing about Afro Samurai: the style. Everything you do in Afro Samurai looks really cool. Your sword moves are all fast and stylish, the focus mode makes things even cooler by letting you slice people in half and the ultra focus is even cooler than normal focus by letting you move incredibly fast and kick ass twice as hard. To add an extra layer of cool onto the game, the graphics are really stylised and look like they have been taken straight out an anime. They are similar to Okami. Of course to add on another layer of coolness is the legend himself: Samuel L Jackson. However even though Afro Samurai is incredibly cool, the actual gameplay is slightly disappointing. Playing as a samurai with an afro has to be fun, right? Well yes, it is but I don’t how long it will remain fun for. The demo is really short so you don’t really manage to get a detailed impression of the game. There weren’t very many combos or attacks in the demo which would get boring quickly but if there are more in the full game it would make up for it a little. It is also very easy. You can basically just button bash your way through the whole demo. It’s more fun if you try and use combos but since there aren’t very many you just end up button bashing anyway.

The music is inspired by RZA and is similar to his music. RZA did the music for the anime so the music feels in the right place. Unfortunately the demo doesn’t let you listen to much of the music so I don’t know whether the entire soundtrack is good but I liked what I heard.

Judging from the demo Afro Samurai is a fun action game that can make a nice alternative from the other games of the genre. It has great visuals which really add to the game and the sound is great in terms of both soundtrack and voice acting. Unfortunately the combat isn’t as good as it could be and even though it looks cool it is definitely lacking something. If I see it cheap I’ll pick it up.


Soul Calibur IV

June 28, 2009

I wanted a new game to play and I found Soul Calibur IV on for £12 so now I’ve snapped it up. I really like the other Soul Calibur games so I’m looking forward to playing this. I loved the character customization in Soul Calibur 3 and I really want to make some characters again. Solid Snake, Pirates and Samuel L Jackson are on top off my list. However I’m going to finish Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway first but I though I should order it now in case it goes up in price.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma Impressions

June 28, 2009


If you haven’t played or heard of Ninja Gaiden before you will be unaware of its infamy. Ninja Gaiden is good and has received praise from many people but it is often considered one of the most difficult and punishing games ever made. This is true and Ninja Gaiden Sigma is no exception. Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a remake of Ninja Gaiden Black on the original Xbox for the PlayStation 3. It takes the same hard as nails gameplay and throws in better graphics, improvements and new features. Unlike the original you can now play as Rachel in certain levels; new enemies are included; new areas are included and there are a few tweaks to the gameplay. I haven’t played much of the Xbox games but it does seem to add a decent amount in, whether it is enough to make people but it again is questionable though.

The main focus of Ninja Gaiden’s gameplay is the combat. The combat is really good and very challenging. You can’t just button bash your way through the game, you need to block, dodge and use combos if you want to live. You also need to choose the right weapon to use against enemies as some weapons work really well against certain enemies. All the weapons feel really different and will suit different player’s style. Out of all the weapons I have used so far my favourite is the Lunar. The Lunar is fast, powerful and very effective against groups of enemies. The Dragon Sword is also great to use, as is the Dragon’s Claw and Tiger Fang (Duel swords, exclusive to Sigma). If you use the correct weapons, be patient and don’t just hammer the buttons then you should be able to survive. However when you muck up the game will punish you and you can lose quite a bit off health if you’re not careful.

As well as the combat there is a little platforming in there which works fairly well. Since you’re a ninja you can run up walls, along walls, flip and climb. It doesn’t really add much to the game but it looks quite cool so all is good. You can also mix in these with combat, for example run across a wall and stabbing people who get in the way.

Both Ryu and Rachel are different experiences. Since you will be playing as Ryu a lot more, his play style has more depth. There are more weapons to choose from with Ryu so it adds more depth to the combat. However Ryu’s weapons are generally quite quick while Rachel’s weapon is quite slow. Even though Rachel is a lot slower than Ryu, it is still quite fun and works well. She takes off a lot more damage than Ryu so when fighting enemies she doesn’t need to dive about and dodge as much. You can also change Rachel’s hair. Yes it seems a bit random and I don’t think it does anything but I thought I would mention it anyway.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma has great combat with both characters and as long as you are patient enough it is really rewarding. The gameplay is obviously the main focus and the developers knew this so when it came to story they didn’t try very hard. So far the story has been really random and just full weird names, ninjas and demons. Even though it is a bad story they do manage to get lots of cool stuff to happen so they deserve praise for that. The voice acting is terrible though. It’s so bad that I’ve laughed at some parts. The bad dialogue doesn’t help either. However Ninja Gaiden is not about the story but about kicking ass and looking cool while doing so.