My Metal Gear Online Story…

April 7, 2009

Metal Gear Online is a great game, it has flaws but it still manages to bring me in to keep on playing. The newest expansion pack, SCENE, was released on March 17th and was even available to pre-order. I ended up pre-ordering it. Of course there was a slight problem with that. The update takes forever and I didn’t have time to download it until yesterday. So after about 3 hours of downloading it finished. I finally got to play MGO and I loved it. The new maps for SCENE are really good (Outer Outlet, Hazard House and Ravaged Riverfront) and both Raiden and Vamp play well. I have only played with Raiden and Vamp in training though. After a while without MGO, I come back and it feels great to be playing it again. But when I came on in the morning…

I came on this morning to find another update. I was very annoyed. Until I found it that it only took about five minutes. After it finished I quit the game and re stared it then went back on. When I tried to log in it showed me a message saying “The game data is corrupt. Please delete the data and re-download”. Now I was really annoyed but I didn’t want to delete it straight away so I tried it again and it worked! Even though I went through all that crap I still loved playing MGO. SCENE is definitely worth a purchase. Oh and because I pre ordered it, I got this:



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