What I would like to see in a new Worms game?

April 5, 2009

The rumour of EA buying the Worms license got me excited that there might be a new Worms game. So I made a list of what would be really good to see in the next game.

2D and 3D

2D Worms is awesome but 3D worms haven’t been anything special. We all want to play a good version of 3D Worms though. So the next Worms should try and improve the 3D version to make it enjoyable but put in a 2D version of the game just in case the 3D version sucks. Some people may feel ripped off though if they only get a good 2D game which they have played before so lots of new features should be added in to prevent this.

Customisable Worms

In some of the newer games you have been able to customise the colours of your Worms and maybe add a helmet or something but I want complete customisation. I want to be able to make each one of my individual Worms a different colour, cool accessories (Sunglasses are a must), scars, helmets, some form of torso clothing and anything else that would make the Worms look even more badass.

Even wackier weapons

Worms is known for having wacky and wonderful weapons. Everybody loves the Sheep, Skunk, Old Granny, Banana Bomb, Holy Hand Grenade and the rest. We want even wackier weapons though. How about a rocket launcher that shoots flaming dogs with rabies at people or being able to shoot lighting out of your arse or even summoning a horde of birds to fly above the enemy and crap all over them.

The best online multiplayer ever!

Worms is always a blast with a bunch of mates but playing online with Worms would be great fun. I think you can play online in the Xbox Live Arcade version of Worms but I’m not sure. As well as the typical Team Deathmatch there should be loads of other modes. A fee for all Deathmatch would be good or maybe even a mode where each player controls one Worm in a team. Worms: Open Warfare 2 had ninja rope races which would be pretty fun with a bunch of players. I just want to see some crazy, wacky but fun multiplayer modes.

3D Level Editor

The level editor in previous Worms games was really good and allowed you to make some pretty cool levels but only in 2D. A 3D level editor would be great. It should be really in depth and easy to use. Something similar to Far Cry 2 would be good but on a smaller scale. The Far Cry 2 maps are a little too big for Worms.


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