Resident Evil 5 Review

March 25, 2009


Developer: Capcom
Platform: PlayStation 3 (Version Played), Xbox 360
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Players: 1 – 2
Release Date: 13th March 2009 (EU)

 Resident Evil is one of the biggest game series’ of all time. It was known for the cheesy characters and dialogue, the scares, the puzzles, the story and the atmosphere. Resident Evil 4 changed what Resident Evil was like. No longer was it about the scares and the atmosphere but instead it was about the action and the gun fights. Resident Evil 5 continues this but makes it even less of a horror game as there was only one point in the game where I was frightened which I will talk about later. Resident Evil 5 is all action, all guns and zero scares.

The game is centred about Chris Redfield who has been sent to Africa. On arrival he meets his new partner, Sheva, and the main new feature of Resident Evil is introduced: co-op. Chris and Sheva are partners; they fight together, share weapons and ammo and help each other out. The new partner system works really well in the Resident Evil 5. Like I said earlier you can share equipment which is very handy, especially when you split up. For example sometimes you assist Sheva and help her get to higher places. This will only be helpful if she has the correct weapons so you make sure to give her the rifle. I know it isn’t Ghost Recon but it does add a slight tactical edge to the game.

The whole co-op/ partner gameplay can be played with another player or you can stick with the A.I. Both ways work really well. The partners A.I is really good and I never saw anything unusual or strange happen with my partner. They know that if they have a shotgun to go up close, they know when to heal and retreat, they how to conserve ammo and they know how to help you. When you are playing with another player it works fine as long as you are with somebody who knows what the hell they are supposed to be doing. The co-op with another player is good fun and the only problem is that the screen changes a little and two black lines go down the side of the screen. You don’t notice after a few minutes though.

One thing that I loved about Resident Evil 4 was the merchant. The merchant would greet you with “Welcome, Stranger” every time you met which I loved. He was just so cool. He would let you buy and sell items and weapons at certain points throughout the stage. This has been sadly changed for Resident Evil 5 and there is no merchant at all. Instead you get the chance to buy any equipment or sell anything between each chapter. It works well enough but I miss the mysterious merchant

One thing that may annoy many people is the fact that you are unable to move and shoot. Every time you want to fire you are forced to remain on the spot and fire which should create panic but it fails to do so. It’s lack the atmosphere and just feels like a slow shootout. Some people won’t mind it though and will be used to it from Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 5’s story is similar to the other games. It is full of loads of crazy shit and characters who know each other. It won’t disappoint fans of the series but it may be confusing for newcomers who don’t know much about the world of Resident Evil. There is the occasional flashback and there are brief notes on the history of Resident Evil in the loading screens but it loads so fast that you can’t read the full paragraph. That can be seen as a positive or a negative though. Fans will like and newcomers will probably just care about killing the majini (The main enemies in Resident Evil 5). The people who have been following Resident Evil 5 and watched a lot of the trailers will have figured out most of the story anyway because of how much the trailers give away.

One thing that Resident Evil can always boast is the superb boss fights. The bosses in Resident Evil 5 are great fun and get bigger and cooler as the game progresses. They always involve shooting the big creature as much as possible but they are still great fun. Some of the bosses rely heavily on quick time events which will be loved or hated by people.

The puzzles were always something that Resident Evil was known for. There aren’t very many puzzles in Resident Evil 5 but the ones that are in it are decent enough even though they are very easy. I would give an example but there are only two or three so it would ruin the whole 3 seconds were you figure out what to do.

Resident Evil looks beautiful. The graphics are all crisp and clear with some good environments, characters, weapons. You know the usual stuff.

Resident Evil 5 is full of memorable parts. One of my favourite parts is the part when you are on the back if the jeep firing the gun turret. All you do is shoot constantly at majinis on bikes and trucks but it’s so fast and cool. It shows how Resident Evil has changed when the best bits of the game are the all action, guns blazing parts.

Resident Evil 5 does have its problems though. Like I said before the fact you can’t move and shoot will annoy people and so will the parts that use lots of quick time events.  The main problem is the fact that it is not scary and doesn’t feel like Resident Evil. I only ever jumped once which was when I ran round a corner and went into a trip wire. That was the only time I ever jumped in the entire game. The action heavy gameplay works well despite it not feeling like Resident Evil 5. The cover system however is overused and makes it feel to similar to other games.

Resident Evil 5 does not feel like Resident Evil. No longer is it scary and full of atmosphere but instead it is full of shootouts and great action scenes. Some people may like the new gameplay, others won’t but when you consider it an action game over a Resident Evil game it is great and definitely worth a play. 

+ Great Action
+ Amazing bosses
+ Co-op is good fun

– Not scary
– Doesn’t feel like Resident Evil



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  1. sounds good, i might get it, but id prefer it to come out on wii so my mum can buy it and i get to play it free lol

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