Wanted: Weapons of Fate Demo

March 11, 2009

Wanted: Weapons of Fate is set after the events of the film Wanted. I have never saw the film just so you know. The demo started off and I wasn’t expecting much at all. In the menu I saw the start game, tutorial or options. I didn’t bother with the tutorial because I thought the controls would be fairly simple. I went into “Start Game” and the difficulty selector popped up. I could only choose the easiest difficulty which was called “Pussy”. Brilliant, eh?

So after the cutscene at the start I was in action. I was in cover and I moved between it in a stylish fashion. I could shoot round corners but I couldn’t do any of the cool, slow motion, bullet bending I had heard Wanted was so special for. I quit out and done the tutorial. Five minutes later I knew how to go in slow motion from cover, bend bullets and stab people.

Back in the action I immediately shot some guy in the head which put my adrenaline up. I was now allowed to bend bullets. So I watched as the camera following my bullet and went straight behind cover and shot some guy in the head. It was pretty cool. That is where Wanted succeeds, it is very cool. Jumping from cover in slow motion while shooting at enemies is great fun and makes you fell really cool.

When it comes to the main gameplay though, the story is different. It isn’t anything amazing but it is good clean fun. Wanted is just another shooter but with an extra layer of ‘cool’ over it. The cover system works well enough but I hate the fact that you are stuck to it and must press the button to move away from it rather than just move the analogue stick. I hate cover systems where you stick! The movement between the cover is all very slick and stylish like the rest of the game which is good. One thing that really annoyed me was the difficulty. It was not challenging in any way and I managed to get through the demo by just running through and shooting (Stabbing if I was close enough). The demo only gave you the easiest option though (Pussy. Pure brilliant!).

From what I gathered from the demo, Wanted is a mindless, fun shooter that looks cool. It’s nothing amazing but it will probably keep you entertained for a while.


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