Tom Clancy’s Hawx Demo

March 3, 2009

I got round to playing the Tom Clancy’s Hawx demo. I never thought it would be amazing and I always thought it looked alright. I was right. It’s okay. Controlling the plane is pretty simple except for when you are turning around in a fire fight which is really annoying and hard to do. Fire fights consist off the following:

1. Fly to the target
2. Dodge the missile that will be shot at you
3. Spin around in a circle for ages as you try to turn around
4. Lock on with a missile and fire
5. Repeat for next target

That’s about it. It is quite cool to control the plane though and the two camera modes you get work well. I think they were called assistance but I’m not sure. Anyway I won’t be getting this unless I see it really cheap or in a good bargain. It’s not as good as the other Tom Clancy games like Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon. If your into the simulations and stuff you might like it but try the demo first.


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