Mirror’s Edge Review

March 1, 2009


Developer: Dice
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PlayStation 3 (Version Played), Xbox 360, PC
Genre: Action-Adventure, Platformer
Players: 1
Release Date: 14th November 2008 (UK) – PS3, X360
                       16th January 2009 (UK) – PC

Before this game was released I was really looking forward to it. To me it looked like a revolutionary platforming shooting game. To an extent is is amazing but in some places it has problems.

The first of it’s problems is the indoor parts of the games. They are alright and some of them can be fine. Running through offices can be great fun. However when your in a narrow corridor with people shooting at you, it can be a tad frustrating. Like I said not all the indoor parts are bad, they just vary from being great fun to really frustrating. The combat can be a bit of an issue too. When you’re fighting one enemy it’s fine but any more than that and it can be a pain. Disarming people in first person looks cool though.

The games main problem though is the length. It is a very short game and will last about 5/6 hours for the first playthrough. Of course it has plenty to keep you playing. Another difficulty mode is unlocked after completing the game. Time trials and speed runs are good fun and will keep you busy for a bit. Time Trials are playing parts of a level as fast as possible with no enemies, using the best route. You can play against your friends ghosts but sadly that and leaderboards are the only online options. It’s a shame though because online races would be incredible. Speedruns are playing through an entire level with enemies and cut scenes as fast as you can. These are fun and will last you for a fair while but don’t expect to be playing for 50 hours.

I’ve just realised that I sound really negative but I really like this. Positive comments from now on. When you start you play the training and it is awesome just because you can skip it (No trophy or achievement if you want it though). Then you play the prologue which is the same level as the demo and despite being short it is a good introduction to the game. All of the game is in third person (except for the cutscenes in-between levels) and that is what is so special about this game. I love how when balancing on a pipe you can see yourself wobbling and trying to keep steady. When you kick someone in the head you see your leg. And my personal favourite is when you just freely run. You climb over walls, jump from ledges, climb up pipes and roll about. It seriously is amazing.

You don’t need to shoot at anyone in this game. You can just throw your guns away and keep on running, dodging and soaring through the sky. I love that. You can shoot everyone in the game if you want but you don’t need to. Unfortunately you do need to fight people at certain points in the game. Disarming is tricky at first but when you get the hang of it, you can take out enemies quickly.

The highlight of this game is running across rooftops all in a single chain of moves, no falls, no slowing down. Just free running across the roofs. It is simply amazing. You really feel like you are in the game.

Story wise it’s nothing special though. It’s not bad but it isn’t Metal Gear Solid. It stays nice and simple but it isn’t really in depth.

Graphically it is amazing with bright, vibrant colours and shiny surfaces. The city looks great. Characters look good too but some look at little weird. The anime style cutscenes look cool but they would be better in first person to be honest.

Mirror’s Edge is an excellent game. It has it problems but it still manages to be really enjoyable and great fun. The only major issue is the length but it does offer some replay value. Personally I think it’s great and I love it.

+ Really original and fresh
+ Really good soundtrack
+ Getting a combo of cool moves together is great

– Really short
– Can be very Frustrating
– The combat isn’t up to scratch



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