Flower Review

February 28, 2009

Flower logo

Developer: thatgamecompany
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation Network
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
Release Date: 12th February 2009 (Worldwide)
Price: £6.29

Every so often, a developer moves away from the crowd and brings us something new and innovative. Rather than stick to making dull shooters or gangster games that tend to over popularize gaming, thatgamecompany brought us Flower. The concept is fantastic and I had always been interested in it before release. You control the wind and have to guide petals through a flower’s dream. You haven’t heard of a concept like that before Flower had you?

Part of Flower’s appeal is actually down to the fact it is different and doesn’t try to be like the other games out there. Like I said, you play in a flower’s dream; a dream where the world isn’t dull, dark and depressing like it is outside the dream. Each dream see’s the world become brighter and more attractive due to the flower’s actions.

At the start of each level a flower opens up and a single petal emerges from it. It is then your job, as the wind, to guide this petal towards other flowers and then to the end of the level. The gameplay is intentionally simplistic and makes great use of the Sixaxis motion controls. Flower has probably made the best use of Sixaxis yet. While using motion control to guide the wind, you will open up more flowers and will end up guiding more petals. As the level progresses you will end up with streams of petals flowing through the wind which is a very impressive visual feat.

Graphically Flower is beautiful and is definitely a match for full retail games. The flowers, the grass, the sky, the plants, everything looks amazing. It isn’t just there for eye candy though; it makes effective use of the visuals in various ways. Like I said previously, the game world of Flower is depressing and dark and as you go through the levels you change it bit by bit. The contrast between the start and end of the levels is often huge and generally just amazing to look at. This not only looks great but it feels very satisfying to know that you managed to make a change like that; even if it is only in a virtual world. The visuals are supported by the great artistic design.

In terms of sound Flower is top notch too. All of the music in the game fits in very well with events by being very calm and relaxing, though also quite intense at some points. One particular thing I like about the sound in Flower is whenever you collect a petal, a note or a tune plays and this goes along very well with the actual soundtrack.

Through the artistic design, music and simplistic yet enjoyable gameplay Flower creates a very relaxed atmosphere. It’s something that can be taken at your own pace; it allows you to sit back, play and just enjoy the experience without anything to hinder the relaxation. It’s not stressful in any way and it’s just a nice game to play.

There is one problem with Flower though which is the length. There are only six levels and I was able to finish it quite quickly. Each level has a few collectables which extends the playtime a bit but it won’t keep you going forever. However when you consider that the game is just over £6 and I can definitely see myself coming back to play this every so often, it’s not that big a problem.

Flower is one of the best games available on the PlayStation Store. thatgamecompany have done a great job in making a game that stands out from the rest through the stunning visuals and innovative gameplay.

+ Looks Beautiful
Probably the best use of the Sixaxis controller so far
A very relaxed atmosphere

It could have been a bit longer



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