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February 28, 2009

Welcome to In Creation Games! Please check out the blog and enjoy your stay.

In Creation Games is a blog about video games. I will review games, have the odd feature and maybe even a preview now and again. This blog is only run by me so I won’t be able to get every new game that is released but I’ll try and keep the blog updated with new content whenever possible.

Note: The reason the welcome post is above two reviews is because I thought I should change it into a page by itself but then I realised it meant that when people visit they will be greeted by the latest update rather than a welcome note which would be on a different page. There probably is a way to get this down to the bottom but I can’t really be bothered and it’s about the content not where the content is.

– Daniel


Flower Review

February 28, 2009

Flower logo

Developer: thatgamecompany
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation Network
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
Release Date: 12th February 2009 (Worldwide)
Price: £6.29

Every so often, a developer moves away from the crowd and brings us something new and innovative. Rather than stick to making dull shooters or gangster games that tend to over popularize gaming, thatgamecompany brought us Flower. The concept is fantastic and I had always been interested in it before release. You control the wind and have to guide petals through a flower’s dream. You haven’t heard of a concept like that before Flower had you?

Part of Flower’s appeal is actually down to the fact it is different and doesn’t try to be like the other games out there. Like I said, you play in a flower’s dream; a dream where the world isn’t dull, dark and depressing like it is outside the dream. Each dream see’s the world become brighter and more attractive due to the flower’s actions. Read the rest of this entry ?


Dead Space Review

February 28, 2009


Developer: EA Redwood Shores
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PlayStation 3 (Version Played), Xbox 360, PC
Genre: Survival Horror
Players: 1
Release Date: 14th October 2008 (EU) – PS3 & X360
20th October 2008 (EU) – PC

Resident Evil has always been the king of horror games. They have always been great. Dead Space, however provides an experience which is also excellent. It may just be better than Resident Evil and if it isn’t, it’s pretty damn close.

Of course Dead Space takes some things from Resident Evil. Like many other games, it uses the over the shoulder camera from Resident Evil 4. It also has a similar idea to Resident Evil where you collect money which is just randomly on dead bodies and then go to handy shops to get upgrades and equipment. Dead Space is still fantastic though.

The main difference between Dead Space is the sci-fi setting. Dead Space is set aboard a spaceship and this allows Dead Space to do lots of things that have never been incorporated into a horror game. The zero gravity parts are really well done and offer some nice new ways to take the puzzles and enemies (and it looks cool). The use of stasis and kinesis allow some interesting ways to defeat enemies and do puzzles. Kinesis allows you to use gravity to pick up objects and fire them at people. When you pick up an explosive canister it can be very handy to save ammo.

One thing I love about Dead Space is that it is very scary. It has very few scripted scares and for most of the game I was jumping. The use of sound is incredible and creates a really creepy atmosphere. The music is excellent at making the player scared. It has perfect timing and comes up just at the right time – whenever the player doesn’t want it. The sound of the enemies stamping on the metal floors, screeching and screaming can really make you shiver. It’s all really effective. Enemies tend to hide in vents and jump on you every so often and every time I crap myself. Even when I know it’s coming, I’m constantly scared.

Dead Space has the whole survival feel to it. You are always searching for ammo, making sure that you don’t waste it and of course crapping yourself round every corner. You are always careful to make sure you don’t miss and carefully blow limbs off.

Weapon wise Dead Space is really original. The starting weapon is a plasma cutter which is just a tool for cutting and slicing. When it comes to shooting limbs off though it works a charm. The Force gun is also really unique. The Force gun basically shots air. It knocks enemies down allowing you to stomp on them or run away. It is a really useful weapon.

The story in Dead Space is decent. It avoids all the horror and sci-fi clichés but the story isn’t amazing. It’s not bad, it decent enough and has some good twists but just don’t expect to be blow away by the story. The universe is really well done though.

Dead Space is a really good game. It has a really good, scary atmosphere with some solid puzzles and shooting sections. Resident Evil has some definite competition from this fantastic game.

+ Incredible use of sound
+ Really Scary
+ Sci-fi setting allows new, original ideas to be implemented

– A bit short